8 Best Weapons For Mika In Genshin Impact

In the game Genshin Impact, what are the best tools for Mika to use?

Mika is now one of the possible characters in Genshin Impact, even though he may be too shy to talk. This four-star unit uses a polearm and his cryo vision to explore the world of Teyvat while making plans for the Knights of Favonius.

Mika is a support character whose elemental burst heals his allies and whose elemental skill speeds up attacks and increases physical damage. Because of this, you should give this cartographer tools that give him more energy. If you want to know which polearms are best for this shy support, you don’t need to look any further.

Missive Windspear – Four Star

Missive Windspear - Four Star

Mika can’t use any of the improvements on the Missive Windspear, so it’s more of a worthy mention than anything else. But this spear is great for anyone who cares more about how their character looks than how much damage they do, since it has the same color scheme as Mika’s outfit.

This four-star polearm was only available during patch 3.1 as part of a limited-time event, so you can no longer get it. Mika can use the attack boosts this spear gives, but the elemental mastery isn’t very useful for her, so this spear is mostly just for looks.

The Catch – Four Star

The Catch - Four Star

Since Mika needs to recharge his energy to heal his friends consistently, The Catch is a bad free-to-play choice for anyone who hasn’t already gotten better weapons from wishing. To get The Catch, you must talk to the fisherman in Inazuma City and collect different kinds of fish from all over the world of Teyvat.

In particular, this weapon gives a big 45.9% boost to your energy recovery stat. This means Mika will be able to keep using his burst attack. The passive of The Catch, on the other hand, makes elemental burst damage and hit rate better. These are two stats that Mika doesn’t really need because his burst doesn’t do damage to enemies. The Catch is a good choice for Mika if you don’t have anything better, but keep in mind that many other characters in the game will use this spear better.

Black Tassel – Three Star

Black Tassel - Three Star

The Black Tassel is only a three-star polearm, but this spear is still a very good choice. You have to wish on any sign in the game to get this polearm. If you have wished for Mika, you probably already have this spear.

Even though this weapon doesn’t raise attack, the huge 46.9% increase in HP will make Mika’s elemental burst heal more since it’s based on her max HP. Even though the natural damage bonus against slimes isn’t very useful, this polearm is still a good choice if your Mika already has enough energy to keep using his elemental burst.

Kitain Cross Spear – Four Star

Kitain Cross Spear - Four Star

The Kitain Cross Spear is a craftable weapon that can be unlocked in Inazuma. It is a good choice for anyone who plays for free. To get the design for this weapon, you have to finish ‘Orobashi’s Legacy’ on Yashiori Island.

The Kitain Cross Spear is an interesting weapon because it makes your elemental skill do more damage in exchange for a small amount of energy. But when your polishing level is high, you will actually get back more energy than you lose. This will help Mika use his elemental burst more often.

Prototype Starglitter – Four Star

Prototype Starglitter - Four Star

The Prototype Starglitter is a polearm that can be made and worn by Mika. It is a great choice for free-to-play players because it can be made and worn. If you need a quick weapon to give to your Mika, go to Mondstadt and make this spear at the forge.

Like the other four-star polearms on this list, the Prototype Starglitter has a good amount of energy recovery, which lets Mika charge his elemental burst faster. Using an elemental skill while holding the Prototype Starglitter also increases the damage of your character’s regular and charged attacks. Even though Mika’s attacks don’t hit very hard. He will still like the extra time it takes for his energy to recover.

Skyward Spine – Five Star

Skyward Spine - Five Star

If you want to give Mika a five-star polearm, the Skyward Spine is an excellent choice. Since the Skyward Spine is a five-star weapon, you can only get it by wishing on the standard banner. However, you should save your wishes for event banners instead.

This weapon gives the user a lot of energy, and it also works on making the user’s attacks faster and increasing the number of times they hit. This well-balanced spear helps Mika quickly recharge his burst and gives his elemental skill and basic moves a nice damage boost. But Mika is not a DPS character, so this polearm is better used by other characters in Slope Game who do damage.

Engulfing Lightning – Five Star

Engulfing Lightning - Five Star

The Engulfing Lightning is a five-star polearm that focuses on making the user better at both attacking and recharging energy. This weapon came out at the same time as the Raiden Shogun. And the only way to get it is to wish on the weapon sign at a certain time.

The Engulfing Lightning is a good choice for Mika because it gives him a huge amount of energy. Which lets him heal his friends more often. The tool also turns some of the user’s energy recharge into attack, which makes it much easier to hurt enemies. So, while this weapon does help Mika a lot, there are many other four-star and five-star units that can make better use of the raw power it gives.

Favonius Lance – Four Star

Favonius Lance - Four Star

The Favonius Lance is Mika’s best choice, just like it is for almost every other polearm support in the game. Wishing on character and weapon flags is the only way to get this four-star polearm. But if you’ve played the game for a long time, you’ve probably gotten it at least once.

The Favonius Lance is better than every other polearm in the game because it can recharge energy by 30.6%. This means Mika can use his elemental burst to heal his friends faster. The passive of the Favonius Lance gives you three extra energy particles when you make a critical hit. This is on top of the energy you get from the recharge. Since Mika is usually played on teams with two cryo units, the elements resonance will make it easier for him to land critical hits and switch to other characters quickly to collect the particles.

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