9 Best Safe Room Themes In Resident Evil

The Safe Room, which has some soothing sounds, is a main part of Resident Evil. Here are the best Safe Room songs from all of the games in the Resident Evil series.

Safe Rooms are one of the most important parts of the Resident Evil games. They offer short breaks from the horror and keep players safe from all enemies. They also let players save their progress, which is usually done on typewriters, but Resident Evil 7 broke the actual mold by having cassette players instead. In older games, you needed the ink ribbon item to save, which meant you could only save a certain number of times.

Not only is safety from zombies and other Umbrella monsters a key part of these rooms, but so is the music, which is often soothing and gives the players a sense of calm. Fans often like these songs because of what they mean in the game and because they just sound good.

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