Angry Birds 2 on PC

Is Angry Birds your favorite video game? This is most assuredly uplifting news! The PC version of Angry Birds 2, the successor to Rovio Entertainment Corporation’s most popular casual game, is now available. If you liked the first game, you’re going to be blown away by the improved gameplay and visuals in the sequel.

To see the hard multi-stage stages, boss pictures, and devastation, you must be prepared. Cast your spells and unleash your plans to inflict massive destruction on the pig species. In that case, why delay any longer? Get Angry Birds 2 for your PC.

Angry Birds 2 Gameplay

If you’ve played the original, you’ll have a leg up on learning the new sequel. The core principles and gameplay have not changed. In most cases, you’ll need to confront the sneering green pigs that lurk in the shadows of mountains, forests, and frozen tundra. The birds you used in the prior game will return for this one. Prepare for battle with Red, the blue trio, Jake, Jay, and Jim, the yellow guy, Chuck, Matilda, Bomb, and Terrence. In addition, a new bird with a 270-degree dive bomb attack, simply named Silver, has joined the usual flock.

Angry Birds 2 gameplay
In-game screenshot: Angry Birds 2 gameplay

In Angry Birds 2, you board a flying airship to retrieve eggs that Chef Pig has taken. Red, as flock leader, will rally the other sheep to chase and fight the teasing hogs. The only way to reach the Chef Pig, Foreman Pig, and King Pig, the game’s final boss, is to travel to each of their respective structures and stomp them.

The objective and gameplay may seem simple, but you must first ensure that your birds are up to the challenge. That’s because your score will reflect the effectiveness and devastation of the bird you select. The maximum number of stars you can earn is three, and they will be proportional to the level of destruction. If you don’t get at least one star, the level is considered failed. There are, however, a couple of novel strategies for completing the game’s more challenging stages. A “Destruct-O-Meter” will keep track of your score as you rack up destruction points. You’ll need these points to acquire more birds and unlock more powerful spells in order to complete the game’s more demanding levels.

With 240 levels, Angry Birds 2 on PC provides hours of gameplay. You can enter The Nest, commonly known as the Bird Arena, to engage in destruction battles with other online players. You can gain stars, move up in the Arena League, receive feathers, chests, and more if you go on a winning run. You can compete against computer-controlled opponents to determine the winner.

The Angry Birds

In addition, each bird in Angry Birds 2 has its own set of skills and personality quirks, much as they had in the previous game.


To get the pig constructions out of the way before it hits the frame, the red furious bird can produce soundwaves.

Angry Birds 2 Red
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki



Unlike Red, who seems always angry, these one-split-to-three birds are sometimes cool and level-headed. However, wait until you see them in full action. This bluebird trio is best in not chilling while toppling ice structures at all.

Angry Birds 2 Blue Trio
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki



Despite her strong maternal instincts, Matilda will gladly give up one of her precious eggs to aid you in wiping out the pigs. While flying upward, the white bird can release an egg bomb in a vertical direction. These are most useful when traversing difficult levels including structures accessible from both the ground and higher tiers.

Angry Birds 2 Matilda
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki



The yellow triangular bird known as Chuck is among the game’s most vital (and popular) characters. When propelled, he can move or fly at incredible speeds and destroy anything made of wood.

Angry Birds 2 Chuck
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki



If you thought Red is volatile, just wait till you witness Bomb’s wrath. This blackbird, as implied by its moniker, has a volatile disposition and is capable of destroying any building. Just make sure they’re at the right spot (at the foundation) before the bomb goes off. The pigs and their framework will soon be flying in every direction.

Angry Birds 2 Bomb
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki



The biggest of the bunch, Terence, might be the calmest of the bunch because he understands exactly what he’s capable of. The size of this red bird suggests that it is not at all patient when it comes to knocking down complex constructions. But save him for when you’re up against the boss. Because no one but another boss can take on the big guy.

Angry Birds 2 Terence
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki



Silver, the newest member of the flock, is deceptive in appearance; it can easily destroy enemies by soaring drop straight down.

Angry Birds 2 Silver 1
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki

The silver bird can also dive horizontally around the structure to demolish the opponent’s base, or fly in any other direction the player desires. You must move it in such a way that it does not miss the building. Don’t pass up the chance to learn about the remarkable talent of this bird.


Like previous games in the series, Angry Birds 2 features the “Mighty Eagle” ability. You can use gems to buy the strongest bird and use it when times are rough.

This version adds the ability to inflate pigs, turn them into firebombs, freeze blocks, cause a downpour of yellow ducks, and call upon the legendary Mighty Eagle. The new spells start off weak but get stronger as you level up your birds. The more powerful they are, the more powerful their spells are. Casting these spells gives you a leg up on tough stages.


Most video games feature a “boss” at the end of each level. The Chef Pig, who had stolen the birds’ eggs, would be the first person you’d meet. The game’s second boss, the Foreman Pig, is the mastermind behind the scheme to take the eggs. The King Pig, as its crown suggests, is the ultimate and most authoritative employer.

Angry Birds 2 King Pig
Image Source: Angry Birds Wiki

The larger pigs in Angry Birds 2 and the prior sequel are more difficult to defeat. You’ll need more than just one punch to knock them out of the game for good. You can do some damage by dropping bombs or throwing stones in their direction. The most devastating is letting them tumble off the stage, from which they can never recover.

Play PVP Mode in Angry Birds 2

There’s more excellent news! You can play this sequel with other people. Rovio made it more sociable by including an arena for players to gather together. To enter the Arena, however, you must first reach level 25 or Star Level 8.

Angry Birds 2 Arena
Image Source: Angry Birds 2 – The Arena

You can play the winning streak for free once a day in the Bird Arena, and it is constantly available as a mode of play. Alternatively, the Arena levels can be repeated every three hours. As long as you’re willing to sit through some commercials or have Arena tickets, you can perform the stage again. The goal of this round is to see who can rack up the most Arena points with the fewest birds available. If you win, your ranking will rise and your opponent’s will fall.

Free Gems or Pay With Real Money?

Players of Angry Birds 2 can use real money purchases to skip difficult levels quickly. You can use gems to purchase the Mighty Eagle spell.

However, if you don’t want to invest any money, you may still play Angry Birds 2 and use the gems. The Tower of Fortune and the Daily Deals are great places to win gems that may be used to buy new birds, spells, and powerups, as well as enhance existing ones. Taking this step will also help your campaign move forward.

Angry Birds 2 Tower of Fortune
Image Source: Angry Birds 2 Tower of Fortune on Snow Rider 3D

Once you reach the more challenging levels, it will be crucial to collect gems. You’ll need gems to retry the level immediately or earn more lives. If you can’t wait that long, the game will resume in roughly 30 minutes.

There are a lot of ways to earn free gems, but you shouldn’t rely on them too heavily because the rate at which you gain them will decrease as you level up. Free gems can be earned through watching advertisements, completing tasks, and taking part in daily missions. But if you want them without any hassle, you’ll need to use actual money to buy them.


In sum, it’s a great time spent playing this lighthearted game. There will be no dull times thanks to the enhanced visuals and playability. You’ll have no trouble progressing through the stages if you learn to maximize the potential of your birds. It’s also available for free download on PC. Try Angry Birds 2 for yourself and see what all the fuss is about. Get to it!

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