Complete Guide On Fastboot ADB Driver On Mac

What do you know about fastboot ADB drivers? The ADB fastboot driver is a beneficial tool that makes a strong connection between Android devices and the computer. It helps you to control your Android device from a computer. Do you always connect your Android device to your PC? If yes, the ADB is more important to you and it will make your task easy. The fastboot command only works when your device is in bootloader mode. You can use these commands for zip files or flash IMG, format system partition, and similar operations. 

Does ADB fastboot mode work on Mac? Why not? ADB works on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. After downloading Fastboot ADBdriver on Mac, you can control your Android device from the Mac PC. How to run ADB on Mac? Is it safe to use? Here we provide a complete guide on fastboot ADB drivers on Mac. Wait till the end of the article to get more details. 

Fastboot ADB driver on Mac

ADB fastboot driver is a versatile command line software that allows you to create communication between your Android device and the Mac operating systems. Is it safe to use? Yes: the software is a 100% secure application and never damages your device or the data. What are the benefits after downloading we can get? 

  • Install and debug apps.
  • Upgrade the firmware and system elements.
  • Access hidden functions
  • Install, copy, and delete files.
  • Download ADB for examines logs on the phone
  • Take a screenshot of the phone
  • Record a video 

Significant Features of the Software

Why should you select a fastboot ADB driver for your Mac devices? It consists of more advanced features. Now let’s see what makes it best. 

  • It is compatible with all Android devices.









Amazon and more.

  • The ADB driver automatically detects the chipset of the devices.
  • Control your Android devices from the Windows, Mac, or Linux computer
  • Supports downloading the Google ADB driver to your computer within a few seconds
  • Find the manufacturer’s name and the Model Number of the gadget and display it under the description list. 
  • You can refresh the device list attached to the computer quickly. You can get this feature by downloading version 2.0. 
  • Available for free download
  • Accurate and secure application to use
  • Never damages data or the devices

How does it work?

ADB contains three components which are the Client, Daemon, and Server. The client runs on your computer for development and sends commands through USB cables or wirelessly. The next component is a daemon that runs commands on the devices. Likewise, the remaining component is the server that manages communication between the client and the daemon. 

You must run ADB when you have booted the computer before communicating with an Android device. Because of that ADB driver requires the installation and execution of some parts. After that, you can see a message in the command prompt. What does it mean? It means the daemon is running.

What can we do if the daemon doesn’t work correctly? Daemon starts the process and tells you where it begins with the local TCP port. 

You can use ADB commands to access those devices after the server has set up the connections to all devices. Then, it confirms the connections to all the running devices. 

The installation process of Fastboot ADB driver on Mac

Installing ADB for Mac is quite more complicated than on Windows. However, once you use it, it is simple. There are two ways to install ADB on Mac devices. Here we provide both methods.

The first method (Manual method )

  • Get the ADB ZIP file for MacOS for ADB setup download.
  • Extract the ZIP to a location such as desktop
  • Open Terminal.
  • Enter the command to go to the folder: cd /path/to/extracted/folder/
  • cd /Users/Doug/Desktop/platform-tools/, this was on my Mac: 
  • Connect your device to your Mac using a proper USB cable. Then switch to “file transfer (MTP)” mode to the USB connection mode. It is best to keep it in this mode so that you don’t have problems. However, it is not necessary for each device. 
  • You can start the ADB daemon with the following command: ADB devices.
  • Now you can see a prompt “Allow USB debugging” on your device. Allow the link.
  • Finally, enter the step # 7 command again. Now you can see the serial number of your device in the Terminal window of MacOS.

The second method ( Homebrew method)

Using the homebrew method is the easiest way to install the ADB on Mac devices. It provides automatic updates. 

  • First, open a terminal on your Mac computer. Then run the command below. It will install Homebrew on your Mac. During the installation process, it may ask you to enter a password. 
  • Then install Android Debug Bridge Mac platform tools from the below command.
  • Connect your Android device to your Mac device. Then run the ADB device command. To enable USB debugging, you can get a prompt on your Android device. Therefore, enable the checkbox and tap on “Allow”.
  • You should now see your device’s serial number on your Mac. 

Troubleshooting tips 

When you install the fastboot ADB driver for Mac devices, you will face problems. Hence, here we provide some troubleshooting tips. If you get an error when you use it, you can apply these tips to avoid them.

  • Install the latest version of the ADB setup download for a successful result
  • Remove the older versions of USB drivers to minimize the errors 
  • If the download fails, check whether you are online.
  • Check the “ADB-installer.log” for installation failure.
  • Reconnects to the Wifi connection to solve ADB driver over Wifi turns off automatically.
  • Some corporate Wifi networks may block p2p connections and not let you connect over Wifi. Hence, try with another Wifi network connection or cable.


Here we provide a comprehensive guide on fastboot ADB driver on Mac. now you can try it on your Mac devices and connect your Android device for easy working. 

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