Five mandatory characteristics that a hotel door should have

It’s been estimated that there are more than 187.000 hotels around the world, for a total of approximately 17,5 million rooms. A huge part of them belongs to the biggest hotel chains and they tend to look like each other (without prejudice to the specifics regarding the different local cultures and habits). One of the most distinctive points of a hotel is undoubtedly its style: from the most refined accommodations to the more folkloristic and rustic ones, every facility tries to comply with the clients’ taste, in order to preserve them, entice them to come back and spread their notoriousness to every potential new customer.

In this perspective, a fine design and a strict attention to detail is crucial, and can make the difference between a cheap, ordinary hotel and a top-notch one, regardless of its classification (the number of stars of a hotel doesn’t necessarily identify its quality). On the other hand, every hotel manager knows that, as of today, an accommodation facility is rated also for its style, not just for its comfort or the services it provides.

Among the many design objects that a good contemporary hotel has to feature, the rooms’ doors are probably on the top three in order of relevance. That’s probably why Italy, homeland of the world’s masters of design, has enhanced its production of doors for hotels, their quality and the chances to customize them. Among the companies specialized in this peculiar product, Cocif is probably the most renowned worldwide. If we take a look at the Cocif Italian hotel room door collection, we can immediately realize how refined these items have become, and how much room for a customization has been left, in order to comply with every client’s requests.

In more general terms, a perfect hotel room door has to feature the following characteristics. They’re almost mandatory, and they can be considered a good test to evaluate the overall quality of the facility.

  1. Design. As we said before, hotels’ quality today is also about design. A good aesthetic look gives a room a huge plus in terms of comfort, but everything starts from the door. It is like an ID card for a hotel room, the item that gives the client a first glimpse of what he/she’s about to see (and hopefully enjoy) inside.
  2. Match with the hotel’s style and identity. Have you ever seen an Oriental style hotel room with an American style’s modern building door? If a door is the ID card of a room, it has to prelude what the guest will find inside it. Besides that, a door is a gate between a secluded space (the room) and an open one (the hallway), and it has to guarantee the aesthetic continuity between them.
  3. Thermal insulation. Every room has to ensure a microclimate according to the guest’s desires. That’s why a door should ensure the preservation of the temperature and the humidity level.
  4. Acoustic insulation. Same goes for the sounds or noises emitted inside the room. Basically, they should stay inside, at least for privacy reasons.
  5. Safety. The door must be provided with the best anti-burglary devices. For the safety of the hotel’s guests and his/her belongings.

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