How to Fix Orbi Purple Light Issue?

Nowadays, I have started facing a new issue with my Orbi device i.e. the Orbi purple light issue. And, the most annoying thing is that, I am facing this issue after performing the Orbi setup process. I totally fail to understand, where I went wrong! Is it my fault of seeing the purple light on my Orbi device? Please help! – A Orbi user!

First of all, let us clear you that – it’s not your fault at all. The Orbi purple light is the issue that tens of millions of users across the globe is experiencing daily. Secondly, being a common issue, then we suggest you follow the fixes provided here. After applying these fixes and by the time you reach the end of this page, your Orbi device won’t blink purple LED anymore. Hence, let’s start over!

Reasons: Orbi Purple Light Issue

Knowing the reason prior to troubleshooting the issue is very much important as it may help you fix the issue in the most easier way. Scroll down a little to know the actual cause behind experiencing the issue:

  • Your Orbi is not connected to the internet connection.
  • The device in discussion is not properly plugged in or receiving steady power supply from the outlet into which it is plugged.
  • Your Orbi satellite and not connected/ synced with the router.
  • You have not configured the router in a proper manner.
  • The Orbi’s firmware is outdated.

With that, we are now going to put a full stop on the list of reasons causing the issue. Let’s dig a little deeper and get to know the fixes to the issue.

Fixed: Orbi Purple Light Issue

Plug in and Power up Orbi

The first fix is to plug in and power up your Orbi device in a proper way. But, that’s not enough! After plugging in the Orbi and powering it up, verify if this process have done properly. Means, you just need to ensure that:

  • The plug of your Orbi device is properly and tightly inserted into the wall socket
  • Power switch should be on
  • The wall plug shouldn’t be loose or damaged

Still the same? Well, in that case, we suggest you restart or power cycle the entire Orbi network along with your modem. Just disconnect and unplug them from their respective outlets. Then, wait for 5-6 minutes. Plug them back in again one by one, and reconnect them.

Connect Your Orbi and Modem

It is important to keep your Orbi satellite closer to your internet modem and connect them either using a wired connection (recommended) or wirelessly. Moreover, you must have access to a high-speed internet. On the off chance, your internet connection is not speedy or slow, then you might face issues while connecting your Orbi device to it. And, if your Orbi is not connected to the internet, it is obvious to face the issue in discussion.
So, to keep the annoying issue at bay, simply improve your internet speed by contacting your ISP and connect your devices in a proper way.

Sync Your Orbi Satellite to Router

If your Orbi and satellite are not sync with the router, the Orbi purple light issue will appear. Don’t worry! Just sync the devices by pressing the sync button on them at the same time.

Do Orbi Setup Again

The Orbi purple light issue may also persists if it is not configured completely. Hence, for fixing the partial or incomplete Orbi setup issue, we suggest you reset it back to factory default values and then configure it from scratch. For the setup instructions, access the dashboard (Orbi WiFi setup page) via, and follow and apply the on-screen instructions.
Once you are done reconfiguring the Orbi, we suggest you update its firmware. And, please do not update the firmware update notifications to update your device in the future as well. The reason is, an outdated firmware is the biggest cause behind getting the purple light issue. So, you need to update timely, ok?

The Bottom Line

So, our article comes to an end finally. And, as we promised that by the time you start approaching the end of this article, the Orbi purple light issue will be fixed already. W really hope that you are not struggling with the same issue anymore.

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