How to Update Router’s Firmware Using the IP Address?

Looking to get the router’s firmware updated to the latest version? We can help you. The firmware upgrade process is very easy. All you got to do is access the router login page using the default gateway IP and carry out the process. The detailed instructions are highlighted ahead. Besides you will also get aware of some quick tips in this post that will help you avoid any issues beforehand. So, let’s get started without any delay!

How to Update Router Firmware?

Before the router firmware update steps, learn what you should do so that you do not get stuck during the firmware update process.

Tips to Avoid Issues While Updating Firmware

  1. The firmware update process should not be halted in between.
  2. Make sure that the power supply to the router and device used to update firmware is non-fluctuating. Use well working and non damaged wall outlets and power cables.
  3. Ensure to have an optimum and high-speed internet connection throughout the process.
  4. Update the web browser that you will use during the process.
  5. Also, clean the cache and cookies from the browser by using its settings or simply press Ctrl +F5.
  6. Examine all the cables and wires carefully and be certain that all the connections are well in place.

Router Firmware Update Steps

1st Step: Download the Firmware File

Load an Internet browser on your computer and from the official website of the router, download the latest firmware file for your router. Save it at a safe location on your PC. You may need to unzip the file. So, extract the firmware file. Be very certain that the file that you have is the one meant for your router. FYI, different routers have different firmware update files. They are all not the same.

2nd Step: Connect to Local Network

The router should be powered up and securely connected to the modem. Ensure this and then proceed ahead. Get the PC connected to the router’s network either using its WiFi name or you can also use a LAN cable to connect them.

3rd Step: Install Firmware on Router

Now that you have connected to the router’s network, you can log in to its web interface on your computer to carry out the further steps.

Run an upgraded and clean internet browser and in the location bar type the IP address carefully. Make zero typing mistakes. Many users commit silly mistakes like typing the IP address without dots 192 168 15 1 or typing a number incorrectly Make sure you are not among such users.

Hitting the Enter key on the keyboard will take you to the login page, wherein you ought to key in the admin login details and log in to reach the admin portal.

After reaching the settings, go to the Firmware Update tab. Click the Browse button and select the firmware file saved by you on our computer. Click Upload and the firmware will be installed on your router. Make sure that you are not doing anything that disturbs or interrupts the process in between.

Once the firmware is updated you should check the firmware version to verify if the router is upgraded or not.

The Final Note

You now know how to update the firmware on your router using the IP address. Consider bookmarking this post so that you can use it again whenever you want to update your router. We hope you liked reading the post and the information provided here has proved to be useful to you. Firmware updates are meant to enhance the total performance of your router. Now that you have got your router updated, get ready to take your WiFi experience to the next level.

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