Introducing The Total Approved Tech-To-English Dictionary!

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There’s a phrase for when attorneys use Latin phrases and arcane terminology to explain authorized procedures to clients: “legalese.”

However there’s no related phrase for when distributors use complicated and different arcane phrases to explain their approved software program program capabilities to attorneys.

Real, this dynamic might appear to be unfair. However now we’ve got The Lawful Tech-to-English Dictionary to assist us cope.

Tailored from a sequence of Increased than the Laws article content material by the approved technological innovation expert Jared Correia, this totally free, tongue-in-cheek guide to the globe of lawful tech contains plain language explainers, dramatizations of key themes, and one-way hyperlinks to comparability strategies.

We hope this dictionary brings you as much as tempo on all issues technological innovation, though providing a few laughs alongside the way in which.

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