Layers Of Fear 2023: The 10 Best Real-World Painting

In Layers Of Fear 2023, art looks like… art.

Layers of Fear is the final book in the series. It puts together the stories of The Painter, The Actor, and The Writer, each of whom has their own sad and scary story to tell. Most of what you think about these stories is up to you, but the things you see are definitely terrible.

Paintings are one example of a sight that tells the whole story. Some of them come from the real world and some of them come from The Painter’s crazy thoughts. In the rooms of the manor, the lighthouse, and the ocean liner, there are historical paintings that have dark undertones and scary scenes.

Artemisia Gentileschi – Judith Slaying Holofernes

Artemisia Gentileschi - Judith Slaying Holofernes

The violent nature of this well-known picture from a well-known story seems like an easy choice for this game.

Even though it shows violence in a more direct way, it makes the player wonder what kind of violence they will see as the game goes on. Each of the main characters has either hurt others or themselves. Even if it wasn’t as clear-cut as a killing, there is no doubt that some people have died because of other people.

Francisco de Goya – Saturn Devouring His Son

Francisco de Goya - Saturn Devouring His Son

This is one of Goya’s most famous paintings, and it has a lot of detail. There’s a reason why Saturn Eating His Son is one of the most well-known images of all time.

It’s not that strange that this picture ended up in Layers Of Fear. It is a well-known picture that is known for how dark it is. The dark colors and blood in the picture make you think of many of the scenes and hallucinations the characters have on their journeys and the violence they cause to the people around them.

Herri met de Bles – Inferno

Herri met de Bles - Inferno

Dante’s journey into hell is shown in this picture. Bles did a great job of showing the chaos and darkness that people usually think of as being in hell.

It makes sense to have this picture in Layers Of Fear because all of the main characters, including The Painter’s daughter in her DLC, go through their own hells. The illusions and visions they see, especially the creature in The Writer’s story, feel like they came right out of this picture.

Francisco de Goya – El Tio Paquete

Francisco de Goya - El Tio Paquete

At first, it looked like a normal portrait of a man’s face. Even so, when you look at it, there’s something spooky about it.

The man’s blurry features are, to put it mildly, disappointing. It is a lot like The Painter’s masterpiece, which was a picture of his wife. When a player sees another blurry face in the halls, it reminds them of all the decisions they made and how they affected The Painter and his family, for better or worse.

Caspar David Friedrich – Abbey in the Oakwood

Caspar David Friedrich - Abbey in the Oakwood

Once you know where both the picture and the story take place, you can see how well they go together.

Abbey In The Oakwood is interesting because the abbey is the only building left in the dark woods, just like The Writer is the only person in the lighthouse. Both tall and scary buildings stand in the middle of what seems to be nowhere. Clouds and a very dark atmosphere surround them.

Francisco de Goya – Brigand Murdering a Woman

Francisco de Goya - Brigand Murdering a Woman

Definitely a dark piece, but what did you expect from Goya? Even though it’s not a very subtle picture, the violence it shows gives it a strong mood.

The color of the picture and the way the game is lit go together. Even though none of the characters are being chased by a brigand, the story of The Writer and the monster that is after him feels a lot like what happens in the painting when the brigand gets up to his prey. It’s dark and brutal, but those ideas are all over the game itself.

Domenico Fetti – The Repentant St. Mary Magdalene

Domenico Fetti - The Repentant St. Mary Magdalene

A picture of St. Mary looking down at a skull with a sad look on her face is a subtle but very moving addition to Skibidi Toilet.

There are a lot of ties between this picture and The Painter’s family. His deeds, and often the fact that he doesn’t act, have a big effect on both his daughter and his wife. What he does changes them both forever, but his daughter is the one who has to pick up the pieces after he goes crazy. When the player looks at this picture, they can see Mary’s sadness in her face.

Augustus Leopold Egg – Past and Present No. 1 – Misfortune

Augustus Leopold Egg - Past and Present No. 1 - Misfortune

This is a very dark painting that fits the idea of the first game very well because of what it shows.

Misfortune is a good name for it. No matter what made the things in the picture happen, they are not good. The woman’s plight and the man’s blank look remind me too much of how The Painter often looked at his own wife, especially when the kids were right there, which ties into the DLC for the first game so well.

Anthoni Schoonjans – Self-Portrait

Anthoni Schoonjans - Self-Portrait

In this painting, Schoonjans draws a striking picture of himself, one that might be missed because so many others are so strange or graphic.

But it fits pretty well with the story and mood of the game. It gives off an air of being rich and important. Also, the colors are kind of dark and gloomy. You can imagine that this is how The Painter saw himself when he was at the top of his game, or that Schoonjans was someone he looked up to.

Francisco de Goya – The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Francisco de Goya - The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

It’s clear that the people who made the game liked some of Goya’s work. Paintings like these make it easy to see why.

The Sleep of Reason feels like a lot of the other stuff in the game. It looks like a nightmare, which is how a lot of the games feel. Creatures bother the relaxed figure, just like they do with the main characters of the games, who have all lost their sense of reason in some way.

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