Study Suggests a Link Between Cleaning Chemicals and Parkinson’s

More than 8. 5 million in the whole world suffer from Parkinson’s disease. This is a condition that affects the nervous system and causes issues in movement like stiffened limba, tremors, and cognitive problems.

Doctors including experts at Healthwire to date don’t understand why Parkinson’s occurs. However, this disease has been associated with low levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the body. Additionally, people with certain risk factors like age, and any past traumatic surgery are more likely to develop the condition.

Some researchers believe exposure to air pollution and pesticides can be a reason.

Now, new research has additional evidence finding a link between Parkinson’s disease and a commonly used chemical known as trichloroethylene (TCE).

What is TCE?

TCE is a colorless liquid chemical that does not occur in nature. It is known to have a chloroform-like odor. This chemical may be found in a variety of products and industries including:

  • Cleaning wipes
  • Commercial dry cleaning
  • Spray adhesives
  • Lubricants
  • Stain removers for carpeting and clothing
  • Metal degreasing

People can become exposed to TCE by using products that contain TCE or working in an environment where the chemical is mostly present.

TCE can leach into the water, soil, and air around where it is used or disposed of. This contaminates what we eat, drink, and breathe.

Symptoms of exposure to high amounts of TCE include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Facial numbness
  • Nausea

Some of the previous studies also biggest that TCE can increase the risk of kidney cancer and liver cancer.

TCE and Parkinson’s Disease

The lead author of the study said that he and his team decided to research a link between TCE and Parkinson’s disease while preparing to write one of his books.

TCE is also known to be a carcinogen which means that it can cause cancer. It has also been linked with miscarriages, congenital heart disease, and even neutral tube defects (including babies born without brains).

Evidence and Case Studies

For this study, a literature review was conducted. These compiled several studies of individuals that developed Parkinson’s disease after exposure to chemicals from either the environment or the workplace.

These studies included different people that got diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and were exposed to TCE in their childhood or in their early lives. So, a total of seven studies proved the exact same results. It was found out that all of the individuals who got diagnosed were unaware of the disease and their exposure to TCE years back.

How to Lower Exposure to TCE?

In order to stay away from TCE or to avoid exposure to TCE all of the experts suggest that the use of TCE must be banned in a lot of products.

Now, at the start of 2023, it was found that TCE poses an unreasonable risk to human health. Month before that same things were said about PCE. So, it has been suggested that there must be some alternative made for these chemicals as they show their effects on the human body after some years of exposure.

Also, the public must be notified. Especially the ones that live near the contaminated suites. They must be educated about ho can prevent the entry of these gases into their schools, workplaces, and homes with the use of remediation systems.

Now, to reduce the exposure to TCE it must also be noted that it all starts from inhalation. The indoor air quality can be improved by increasing ventilation or by using air filters with activated carbon. Also, some other systems used for radon mitigation are the most recommended ones.

The use of whole-house water filter systems can help in avoiding additional exposure through dishwashing, bathing, or other household uses.


TCE is a chemical that has been shown to cause Parkinson’s disease in people. Other diseases as serious as cancer have also been discussed in several studies to be caused by exposure to TCE. So, try and reduce the use of this chemical and use alternative products if possible. Try and read the stickers on the pack of adhesives, degreasers, sealants song, and other products. Stay away from it as much as you can as it is one of the biggest culprits causing Parkinson’s disease in the world.

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