No Visa Refusal Guide for Studying in Canada: Mistakes

The educational system in Canada is a fine example of human advancements among the best in the world. Many international students choose to attend university in Canada because of its welcoming immigration policies and high quality of life for international students. Due to its widespread appeal and relatively inexpensive tuition rates, thousands of people apply for student visas each year in the hopes of launching new professional lives.

However, a student visa is notoriously difficult to get. The percentage of Indian students who applied for and were denied a student visa to study in Canada is shockingly high. All because of a few minor mistakes on their visa application. Is it possible to avoid the most common causes of a Canada student visa denial? In this post, we’ll explain all you need to know, including the basic steps to get a visa effortlessly. However, wise people never try to be over-smart and hire Canada study visa consultants in Amritsar to help them with the visa process.

Read the article further if you are curious about knowing the causes behind visa denial to Canada:

If a questionable Immigration Officer representing you

When picking an organization, this is a common and fundamental mistake that many people make. Don’t risk losing your life savings on a fraudulent enterprise. There are thousands of reports of the same problem prevailing in the courts. The dream of acquiring a study visa is sold by unscrupulous agents to newcomers and naive innocent students or parents, who are then duped into parting with their hard-earned cash. 

Genuine Education Proof

Your chosen program should be consistent with your career goals and prior academic experience. Both factors are crucial to consider, think the visa officers. If they catch on to the fact that you’re shifting your focus, it could be a huge roadblock on the way to getting the VISA you need. Let’s say you earned an engineering degree back home and are now looking to enter the field of nursing or education

Lacking Funds

Proof of sufficient funds is typically required when applying for a student visa. Visa officers assess a student’s ability to support themselves financially while attending university in Canada. You will require a sizable sum of money to cover not only tuition and related costs, but also living expenditures including food, transportation, lodging, the internet, research trips, water, and heat. 

Many students who apply for a VISA to Canada omit the fact that their financial records show they can support themselves comfortably without working. Therefore, it is crucial to know how much evidence of financial stability to present. 

Your obviousness about not returning

A temporary student visa is your first ticket from the relevant authority with a termination date. A statement to the effect that you plan to return to your native country after completing your studies degree should convince the visa officer to grant you entry. The likelihood of having your student visa application denied by a visa officer increases if the officer determines that your documents do not satisfy this required standard. But if you follow the rules, you can get your student visa extension for another year. 

If you follow the following steps to make a move toward your visa application; 

The first thing to do to get a student visa is to make lists of everything you need to submit. A full list of required documentation is available on the official Canadian government website. 

  • Please make sure that all columns on the visa application form are properly filled out. 
  • If you’re applying to a top college/university in Canada, a letter of acceptance is essential. 
  • Include any noteworthy trips to any other country you’ve taken. 
  • Proof of employment (such as a bank statement or paycheck) is mandatory. 
  • Deliver the required proof of financial backing.
  • Pick a course of study that fits in with what you already know.
  • Specify your level of English proficiency and provide test scores. 

DO NOT provide false proof to cover requirements as they have access to the Indian government database to avoid fraud. Nonetheless, contact UK study visa consultants in Amritsar to have all the requirements to tell you without the worry of being sidetracked.


Studying in another country is like a lifelong goal to come to a realization. Moreover, it offers a wide variety of jobs with desirable compensation and advancement potential. However, the process of obtaining a student visa can be lengthy, but it is achievable. Careful planning and research will make it possible for you to attend a top school in Canada.

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