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There’s no denying that Pocket Mortys has spread throughout the universe. This game’s crazy and exciting adventures are sure to surprise and delight any fan of the popular Rick and Morty TV series. It’s not too late to get in if you’re a new player, though. If you appreciate games that are more laid-back or simulate real-world situations, you will enjoy this one.

Story Behind Pocket Mortys

Based on the “Rick and Morty” television series, Pocket Mortys is a popular mobile game. This section will provide a summary of the show’s plot for those who haven’t seen it. Both the show and the game center on a pair of grandparents raising their grandchildren.

Learn about Morty’s grandfather, Rick Sanchez, and his experiences between dimensions. Along with his shy grandson, Morty Smith, he is often regarded as the smartest person in the world. You’ll learn more about the show’s two main characters and their many interdimensional antics when you play the Pocket Mortys game.

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In-game screenshot: Pocket Mortys 

Even if you’re not familiar with the Rick and Morty show, you’ll get the gist of this duo’s story through playing the game. When you play Pocket Mortys, you’ll be transported to a fantastical environment full of fantastical monster collections and fantastical science-fiction adventures around the multiverse.


After you’ve downloaded Pocket Mortys and launched it on your PC, the game will begin much like other narrative-driven titles. At the outset, Rick and Morty are musing over their next move in their garage/lab. Then, unexpectedly, a gateway appears and out pops an evil version of Rick and his cat, Stray Cat Morty.

Pocket Mortys garage
Image Source: Pocket Mortys – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

These newcomers are here to give you a fight for your money. Your portal pistol will be forcibly taken away from you by the Council of Ricks before you realize it. You, as Rick, must use your trained Mortys to battle the wicked Ricks who have spread over the multiverse. As you travel, keep an eye out for Mortys to collect.

Morty-Collecting Game

Your greatest edge in fights will not be strange adventures, but rather the collection and evolution of Mortys. You may amass a formidable army by collecting various Mortys from across the cosmos. Each gathered Morty has its own set of skills, as well as its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at just a few of the hundreds of Mortys you could meet on your travels.


You’ll employ this Morty at the beginning of the game with the Morticia, Cronenberg, and Space Suit varieties. Morty is distinct from the rest because it does not belong to any certain category (Rock, Paper, or Scissors). It offers no real benefits or drawbacks. He’s the only imprisoned Morty.

Pocket Mortys original morty
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He is the pinnacle of the Magic Morty lineage, having evolved from the Rock class to become a formidable combatant.


Mustache Morty took Scissors and now he has a fantastic beard and has won prizes for it.

Pocket Mortys Mustache
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This Morty monster is similar to the original in that it does not fit neatly into any category. He constantly appears to be dressed in tattered garments.


She is famous for being a female Morty and is often compared to Morty Smith.

Pocket Mortys morticia
Image Source: Pocket Mortys Review

There are literally hundreds of different, bizarre Mortys you can create in Pocket Mortys. It is ultimately up to you to decide who you believe would be the finest addition to your already formidable team in the fight against the villainous Ricks. The coolest part is that you can strengthen these Mortys and make them more powerful by merging or developing them.

Investing in Pocket Mortys

This simulation game features not only thrilling adventures, but also the opportunity to make financial investments. “Investment Rick” is a safe and reliable place to put your hard-earned cash. You can find this function all around the Citadel portal.

The longer you leave your money here, the greater the return on investment you will receive. Every time you return to the Citadel, you can use this tool to make an investment and watch your money grow.

Solo Campaign or PVP?

You can play Pocket Mortys either by yourself or with other people. Your level in the single-player campaign will not influence your standing in the multiplayer mode and vice versa. Some features, however, are exclusive to the single-player mode, but become available in the multiplayer mode once unlocked.

Pocket Mortys Modes
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Remember that the “Day Care” in the multiplayer configuration cannot be used for combines or PVP. That is, you can only train and amass Mortys for use in online battles. Your equipment and powers are subject to the same regulations. Your Mortys, upgrades, and other items earned in the campaign mode cannot be used in the PVP mode, and vice versa.

Pocket Mortys Game Features

To sum up the features, here are some important things you will encounter and follow along the way.

  • Unlock and discover different types of Mortys while traveling the multiverse.
  • Collect and train your accumulated Mortys to upgrade them into a stronger variety to fight against Ricks.
  • Battle with different kinds of evil Ricks over the multiverse.
  • Obtain some of your favorite characters like Bird Person, Mr. Meeseks, and other Mortys.
  • Successfully engage in various side quests to craft items.
  • Win amazing prizes from the space arcade blips and Chitz.
  • The game is developed in an auto-saved manner.

Final Overview

In sum, Pocket Mortys is an easy and enjoyable game. The game’s mechanics, features, and maps will all capture your interest. For the greatest visual experience and smoothest gameplay, play this game on a personal computer.

In that case, why delay any longer? Click “Download” and immediately begin assembling your Mortys army!

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