So if it really isn’t about exclusivity, why precisely did Sony purchase Bungie?

(Picture credit score rating: Bungie)

When the information broke that Sony was throwing a $3.6B bag at Bungie, in the midst of our weekly arranging meeting I could nicely enhance, my preliminary response was shock adopted by fairly a bit little bit of confusion. That have solely grew as I browse the assertion and FAQ put out by Bungie. The 2 of those double down on the concept that Bungie will proceed to be virtually utterly unbiased, Future 2 will proceed on to be launched on different platforms (Private laptop, Xbox and—lol—Stadia) in perpetuity, and even that Bungie’s long term assignments is not going to seemingly now turn into PlayStation exclusives. 

The studio even goes so considerably as to speak to (alone) that concern explicitly. To which it options: “No. We would like the worlds we’re creating to extend to wherever of us play on-line video games. We’ll carry on to be self-printed, creatively unbiased, and we are going to go on to journey only one, unified Bungie neighborhood.” Alright. Extraordinarily excellent information if you happen to occur to be a present-day Xbox or Laptop participant—or, in reality, an authorities at Microsoft—however, if that is the case, why purchase Bungie if you happen to could be not heading to publish what it tends to make solely?

Bungie is the creator of a single of the world’s most well-known sci-fi universes, which is ripe to make the soar to different mediums.

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