The Satan’s Dictionary of Know-how and Legislation


Synthetic Intelligence: An intelligence at conditions so good that it extends past the comprehension of human intelligence.

Automation: A create-up to the documentary ‘Rise of the Earth of the E-Apes’. It begins with a blacked-out, anonymous residence-helper narrating how he shed his process to a machine.


Blockchain: Learning this notion will instantly block your chain of believed and you’ll block it out of your methodology without end. See additionally: Jurisprudence.

Boilerplate Clause: A established of situations in a deal that’s employed mutatis mutandis to save lots of time and exhausting work, solely to boost each effort and time within the type of dispute decision.


State of affairs Administration Information Technique (CMIS): A program that informally performs stress checks on legal professionals proper earlier than manufacturing their ultimate output. That is carried out to keep up the optimum phases of psychological endurance within the approved fraternity.

Cloud Providers: A digital place to carry your particulars, often afforded to you at ‘no cost’ as the real merchandise is just not the cloud providers however you.

Compliance: An organization apply that has, ultimately, saved thirsty predators from abusing and misusing means to prey on one another and the lots. It requires drowning stated predators in redundant procedures.

Cryptocurrency: A digital asset course that takes an dealer and his cash from “asmano ki uchaiyo me…bohot upar” to “500 le le land kara de” regardless that remaining surrounded within the kohra of Elon Musk’s tweets, imagining to himself “mai (beep) hu jo isme aya.”

Cybersecurity: A system involving bonafide capabilities an identical to battling hostile gunmen with a pencil. You will want to be precise each time, they have to be particular simply after. Even this type of security requires you to ‘jaagte raho’ in any respect moments.


Data Security: A concept you select critically solely instantly after you’re a sufferer of in anyway or whomever you ended up important to be protected from.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi): (Un)banking working with blockchain technological innovation to defy (pun meant) the present banking methodology.

Disruptive Engineering: Any new applied sciences that convinces 20-12 months-olds to spend in it “coz iz d future”. To create “long-expression prosperity and retire by their 20’s”. My pricey 20-yr-old, Savdhan rahe! Satark rahe!

Drone: A mechanical creature able to air, water, and land operability. Nonetheless, most possible to be noticed in weddings hovering round Priti and Pankaj as they do the ‘Titanic’ pose. When you spot a number of of them, an individual is discovering their have match within the group from the comfort of their residences.


E-commerce: A brand new weapon within the arsenal of the bargainers who unabashedly insist on shelling out the seller at discounted costs, instead of shopping for from the utility actually giving folks costs! If the patron is king, this one is irking.

E-sports actions: An entire-time career, pending the acceptance of Indian mothers and dads. It contains mastery in on the web bodily exercise and expertise on the value of authentic-lifestyle bodily motion and talent.


Fin-Tech: An evolving species of finance business consultants who now eye every particular person little bit of your information along with their historic need in your money.


(5)G: Fifth-Expertise know-how making use of elevated spectrum to maximise the rate of messages on ‘the nicely being pitfalls of 5G’ amongst different issues. An prospect for each equally companies and well-known folks to maintain associated within the market.

Geospatial Tech: Use of trendy tools and applied sciences that array from exceptional information items able to predicting purely pure calamities, to navigation items at instances directing you to the inaccurate side of a a single-way highway with full self-confidence.


Wellness-Tech: Improvements these as contactless well being care to guarantee the general well being, therapy, and security of medical medical doctors by steering away from get in contact with with the folks and different maybe violent stakeholders of the affected person.


Data Options: A brand new class of business consultants perennially convincing you that they’re the godsend decision to all of mankind’s troubles though charging you sufficient to result in economical challenges.

Psychological Property: Protectable creations of the ideas, usually unintellectual in present-day age. Like this brief article.

Web-of-Components: An interactive technique of factors major to a planet the place by your mobile will probably be linked to your laptop computer pc, pill, good-look at, wise-eyeglasses, intelligent-espresso-mug, clever-fridge, intelligent-microwave, robotic vacuum cleaner, robotic guard canine, and a wise gun to shoot the puppies down if their program corrupts. In simpler phrases, an infinite buffet serving near-to-limitless delicacies of information for companies.


Gadget Studying: An overoptimistic human effort and exhausting work to make units larger at that a single trait that has ensured their sustenance as a species. In a earth of survival of the fittest!

Meme Coin: A course of cryptocurrency predicted to decide on you ‘chaand tak’ however wouldn’t final mere ‘shaam tak’.


Phishing: A device in a fraudster’s package-box that wants a lot much less time and effort to ship much more earnings than its work-intensive homonym, fishing.

Privateness: An invasion of this by ‘mohalle ki auntiya’ is frowned upon. However a violation by tech suppliers, information companies, the federal authorities, and different hackers/fraudsters (who inevitably firm it to ‘mohalle ki auntiya‘) is disregarded for comfort.


Ransomware: Digital equal of the Omni van.

Regulation: An steadily disproportionate Situation response to rein within the monster of disruptive know-how significantly following it has stricken industries, kids’s FDs, and the ecosystem.


Simulated Actuality: A precept elaborate ample to make a Christopher Nolan movie out of it.

Good Contract: A deal able to executing and implementing itself, versus customary contracts that contain each courts or Vasooli Bhai to implement them.

Srikrishna Committee: A cCmmittee consisting of all these aged members of the partner and youngsters who’ve a exceptional grasp of all trendy tech when a considerably youthful you is clueless.

Surveillance: Warranted to guard in opposition to some others from looting you in olden intervals. Permits (nearly) anybody to loot you innovatively in newest moments.


Techno-authorized Nomenclature: Calling a spade a Flat-blade Manually-operated Unearthing System (FMUD). And a shovel a Curve-blade Manually-operated Unearthing Gadget (CMUD). Collectively contacting them and the person or lady working them a Handbook Unearthing Process (MUS). That is finished to remain away from ambiguity. Additionally to claim the exclusivity of the approved job.

Tech Settlement: A classification in contracts achieved as a result of, successfully, why not?

Phrases of Help: Extortion sporting a three-piece accommodate and Gucci footwear.

TMT: An spot of approved apply that deserves the title TNT in perspective of the outburst it’s witnessing in new intervals.


UI/UX: A net-centered consumer-engagement system design and magnificence during which the time interval web stands for an actual net supposed to entangle you with the web page/app for the ‘service offering’ spider to incessantly feed on.

Unmanned Aerial Automobile (UAV): Mangifera indica equal of the drone genus.


Digital Conferences: A spot on-line precisely the place you cut back your on-line relationship, endurance, persuasion, and confidential data simply earlier than shedding your mind.

Visible Line Of Sight (VLOS): Working UAVs inside this resembles a remotely-controlled helicopter. Additional than this, it resembles a nail-biting-intellect-numbing-zero-margin-for-mistake on-line video recreation.

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