Frequent changes in weather during the Choosing hunting clothing period are not uncommon, but rather a pattern – experienced hunters will say, and they will be right.

A cool and humid morning gives way to the heat of the day, bringing, for example, half an hour of intense rain.

The night temperature often differs from the day temperature by 5-8°C, and the variability of the thermometer scale and wind force forces you to approach the choice of clothing thoughtfully and with high demands.

A hunter in the field can only rely on himself, so “I carry everything with me” is one of the basic principles.

When it comes to high-quality, specially designed hunting clothing, for fishermen or tourists,

which will serve for years without complaints, you can choose the best option for yourself on the modern market without difficulty.

The quality of hunting clothing, its weight, wear resistance – these selection criteria for hunting equipment are the main ones, no less important are ergonomics and cut: the clothes should be comfortable not only to walk but also to squat or standing up comfortably.

Manufacturers of such hunting clothing are constantly improving their technologies and taking into account the following equipment requirements:

  • The cut of the trousers, for example, is built on the principle of a fit; the use of elastic materials on the inner lining in the area of ​​the knees and the back of the trousers allows you to kneel without problems for the same photograph with the obtained trophy;
  • Adjustment – the outer part of the trouser leg has a special zipper for adjustment or Velcro.
  • The trouser leg is adjusted individually according to the width of the ankle boots or boot top;
  • Heat conservation and ventilation, support for natural heat exchange – running hunting is always movement, and specialized clothing has all the necessary attributes to ensure comfort during long marches.
  • The location of the so-called “ventilation shafts” in clothing is thought out to the smallest detail – armpits, thighs – special pockets made of breathable mesh remove excess air in places with increased sweating. As a result, you are always dry, comfortable and warm;
  • For a hunter, quickly raising a gun for an aimed shot is an important factor, especially when it comes to bird hunting and the unexpected departure of a quail is not uncommon.
  • Hood – 3D design provides convenient adjustment in three planes to adjust it to different hats.
  • Cap, hat, earflaps – it doesn’t matter, with the help of adjustable ties, the neck and chin will be protecte.

Hunting equipment – wet in the rain, rattled on branches, soiled with earth

Here we will talk about durability, which is so important for a hunter’s outer layer of clothing.

And now we are not talking about isolated trips of inexperienced shooters,

but about those hunters who travel a long distance with a dog, a backpack and a gun in search of hunting success.

A dense top layer of fabric – usually cloth, GORE-TEX, ATMOTEC PLASMA, SOFT SHELL and others,

which perfectly withstands the “tenacious grip” of turf thickets and the impassability of young undergrowth.

GORE-TEX fabric

Unified and membership hunting tickets, permission to hunt an animal, a weapon,

The strength of the headset is important – all zippers, fasteners, buttons, or Velcro serve for many years,

special “garages” for zippers and closing them with valves allow them not to become clogged with soil,

maintaining functionality throughout the entire service life of the clothing.


The “fashionability” of membrane fabric is justified – during the rainy season,

a light drizzle, a suspension of small drops of moisture

in the air or a torrential downpour can cause a lot of trouble with hypothermia for a hunter or fisherman.


Selection of outer hunting clothing – assessments, criteria, care rules

There is a conditional division of hunting and fishing clothing according to the seasons of the year.

The first month of autumn and summer are considered a hot period.

Winter, autumn, and spring are cold, with the ensuing conditions for selecting clothes.

The requirements for such clothing are not so strict regarding the cold period.

Bottom line: for active fishing or hunting,

you can use not only ready-made pants or jacket suits with insulation but also

combine different layers of clothing based on specific weather conditions.

The axiom of comfort and health care that works when

choosing clothes is the correct selection of layers and their variability.

Hunting thermal underwear, then a layer of fleece or Polartek, and an upper “skin” of membrane.


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