6 Guaranteed Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your House

Of all the pests found in a living space, mosquitoes are the most common. They emerge from nowhere in the summer and affect your health to a great extent. All are familiar with these flying insects that are infamously known for biting people of all ages, thereby providing a major convenience to them. Surprisingly, mosquitoes breed in no time and are the major reason behind serious medical conditions such as dengue, chikungunya, malaria, etc. These insect pests feed on human blood (especially female mosquitoes) and leave their saliva after their bite. This, in turn, develops rashes on your skin and makes you ill.

What dangers do Mosquitoes Pose for your Health?

Well, these tiny insect pests can turn your life upside down if you develop any of the deadly diseases stated above. The endless medications not only ruin your day-to-day life but also disturb the peace of your near and dear ones. We have been witnesses to the outbreak of dengue and chikungunya in the past and can easily admit the consequences of struggling with these diseases.

What Attracts the Mosquitoes?

Do you know how mosquitoes get attracted to a property? Well, mosquitoes are said to lay eggs in still water. They get easily attracted to a number of water sources, such as pools, ponds, and streams. A few climatic conditions, such as warm weather and rainfall, are ideal for them to survive. So, homes near any water body attract mosquitoes more than those that have no water sources in their neighbourhood.

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Dealing with the Mosquitoes

Nobody wants to get infected with mosquito-borne diseases. So, they constantly search for the best ways to check their population. Thankfully, there are innumerable ways to keep them at bay. However, most people are clueless about them. Below is a handy guide for you that will help you get rid of them and lead a mosquito-free life.

Insect Repellent

Many of you use repellents to stay away from mosquitoes. But you are doubtful about their efficacy in killing mosquitoes. You can find a variety of repellents in your nearby store but are confused about which one to use. Well, in reality, these products give you respite for the time being, but they are not the permanent solution to your mosquito problem.  Most people get discomfort in breathing after using them. But they are still widely used across the world due to their temporary effectiveness in controlling mosquitoes with best mosquitoes control professionals.

Stay Away from Still Water

One word of caution- do not make your home near any water source, like pools and streams! As we know that still water greatly attracts mosquitoes, it is better to refrain from doing so. They are the breeding place for mosquitoes, as they lay their eggs in the stagnant water. So, choosing a home near any lake or pool is a big no-no.

Surprisingly, they only require a few raindrops for breeding. However, if you don’t have any other option except to live near a water source, you can do a lot to prevent mosquito breeding.  First, make it a practice to clean the gutters at regular intervals to avoid the storage of water there. If you have a lawn, then consider watering it with the right amount of water. Last but not least, just remove everything that can hold the water, such as water bottles, pots, kids’ toys, etc. This will greatly help in minimising your mosquito-related problems.

Using Incense Sticks

Mosquitoes can’t withstand the smell of incense sticks and essential oils. Amazed? Yes, it is true! So, using them will be of utmost benefit to you.  Well, there are a myriad of fragrances to choose from if you are planning to use them as a tool to exterminate mosquitoes. Some of the popular ones are laurel, basil, lemon, citronella, etc. They not only refresh your living space but also help curb your mosquito problem. Hence, if you haven’t tried them before, use them today.

Go for the Mosquito-repellent Sprays

Some people might not be aware of mosquito repellent sprays. But they are incredibly helpful in managing mosquito problems at home.  What differentiates them from other products is that they are much more effective and are the best at protecting you from mosquitoes. However, make sure to buy only natural repellants, as they are far more effective and safer than chemical repellants. The ones who choose chemical repellants over natural ones are the least benefited, as they can’t find the desired results after using them. Plus, there are higher possibilities of getting harmed when you use them. Hence, it’s better to go through the instructions on the label before using them or to choose a natural repellant. Many people use them and find them to be extremely effective.

Wear Good Clothing

Wearing the proper clothing is an easy yet effective method to avoid mosquito bites. Well, if you don’t leave your skin open, there are dim chances of them biting you. So, it’s best to use protective clothing. Wearing covered shirts and thick pants will be good for you if you want to sit on your lawn in the summer. Moreover, you should also pay attention to choosing proper clothing for your kids. They are more susceptible to mosquito bites as they play outside without any protective clothing. But don’t go for too-thick or warm clothes, as you will feel uncomfortable wearing them in the summer.

Hire Professional Pest Control Companies

If all the above tricks don’t help you keep mosquitoes at bay, it’s time to call upon licensed pest control in Bangalore. They will adopt proven strategies to exterminate them and save you from all the mayhem caused by them. These people have rich experience in effectively exterminating mosquitoes. They use the safest pest control chemicals to protect you during their mosquito control services. First of all, they detect their breeding source and then treat the affected area by using quality pest control chemicals. The best thing is that they always use safe practices to treat mosquitoes, so you and your family will be least affected by their pest control treatments.


Tired of scratching your skin all day? Well, use the above tricks to treat the mosquito breeding in your house, or let the professionals come in and do it for you.

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