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China Frozen Food Market will grow at a CAGR of 9.35% between 2022 and 2030. Over the past decade, the China frozen food market has witnessed remarkable increase, reflecting changing existence, possibilities, and the evolving Chinese palate. With its immense capacity, the frozen meals market is now a hotbed of innovation and opportunity. Moreover, rapid urbanization, busy schedules, and smaller family sizes have caused a surge in call for convenient and quick meal solutions. Frozen ingredients have emerged as the solution to this challenge, providing a huge variety of ready-to-cook dinner and ready-to-eat options.

The China frozen food industry has adapted to the growing importance of health and wellness, offering low-sodium, low-fat, additive-free options to align with health-conscious consumers. This trend complements the appeal of frozen food, recognised for its versatility and convenience, spanning from dumplings to worldwide cuisines, and increasing to encompass desserts, appetizers, and gourmet selections. As a culinary mainstay in Chinese households, frozen food’s prominence is similarly underscored by the long-lasting dominance of offline distribution channels, such as supermarkets and specialty shops, which cater to clients’ desire for physical product inspection, bolstering trust and pleasure. So, the China Frozen Food Market will be worth US$ 56.01 Billion by 2030.

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Furthermore, technological advancements have played a pivotal role in accelerating the growth of the China frozen food market. Enhanced freezing and packaging techniques make certain that products hold their taste, texture, and nutritional value, whilst advanced cold chain logistics guarantee sizeable availability, retaining freshness. This development has induced growth in Chinese restaurants, spanning from fast-food chains to upscale dining establishments, to combine frozen ingredients into their menus. This strategic move leverages the benefit and range provided by frozen seafood, vegetables, and cakes, facilitating streamlined preparation, consistency, and year-round ingredient availability. This fusion of traditional culinary practices with the benefits of frozen ingredients caters to diverse tastes, driving the growth of frozen food offerings in China’s vibrant eating scene.


Frozen fish and seafood dominate the China frozen food market.

China has an intensive coastline that guarantees a steady supply of clean seafood, perfect for protection through freezing. Urban clients, looking for convenience, favour short and smooth preparation of frozen seafood. Health-conscious shoppers value its minimal processing and retained nutritional value. Increasing food protection cognizance bolsters trust in controlled storage and distribution of frozen seafood. Also, the adaptability of frozen fish and seafood incorporates numerous culinary possibilities, solidifying their fame as the desired preference in the China frozen meals industry.


Product Type – China Frozen Food Market has been covered from seven viewpoints.


  1. Frozen Fish/Sea Food
  2. Frozen Meat
  3. Frozen Ready Meals
  4. Frozen Potato Products
  5. Frozen Bakery Products
  6. Frozen Pizza
  7. Others


Retail users are witnessing the swiftest expansion in the China frozen food market.

The surge of retail customers can be attributed to shifting consumer behaviour pushed via urbanization, with an increasing need for quick meal solutions. Enhanced cold chain infrastructure has prolonged the reach of frozen products throughout retail channels. Moreover, a burgeoning selection of high-quality frozen offerings, encompassing global cuisines, caters to numerous palates. These elements collectively propel the rapid boom of retail users in the China frozen food market.


End-User – China Frozen Food Market has been covered from two viewpoints.


  1. Food Service Industry
  2. Retail Users


Offline distribution channels continue to lead in the China frozen food market due to traditional shopping habits and an extensive network of physical stores.

Chinese customers prefer hands-on product selection, and the abundance of supermarkets and specially frozen food stores guarantees vast availability. In-character interactions and access to informed staff foster consumer trust and delight. These elements maintain offline distribution channels as the dominant force in China’s flourishing frozen food industry.


Distribution Channel – China Frozen Food Market has been covered from two viewpoints.


  1. Offline
  2. Online


Competitive Landscape.

General Mills, Sanquan Food, Fujian Anjoy Foods Co Ltd, Meiji co ltd, Shandong Huifa Food co. Ltd., Maruha Nichiro Group, Apex Frozen Foods Ltd, Conagra Brands Inc. are the essential participants within the China frozen food market.

Company Insights.

  • Overview
  • Recent Development and Initiatives
  • Sales Analysis


Analysis of the companies present in the China frozen food market.

  1. General Mills
  2. Sanquan Food
  3. Fujian Anjoy Foods Co Ltd
  4. Meiji co ltd
  5. Shandong Huifa Food co. ltd.
  6. Maruha Nichiro Group
  7. Apex Frozen Foods Ltd
  8. Conagra Brands Inc.

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