Digital Marketing Course Vs Self-Learning : Pros and Cons

Digital marketing is important to run your business in 2023. If your online or offline business isn’t seeing any growth, you might want to consider learning digital marketing. You can take up the best digital marketing course in India to learn unique strategies.

Digital Vidya is one of the best digital marketing courses in Kolkata. They can help you learn basic and advanced level marketing strategies at a quite affordable cost. Digital marketing has been increasing rapidly for the past few years. Therefore, you should make efforts to learn it. 

However, you might wonder if taking up a digital marketing course is better or learning it yourself. This blog will help you know the pros and cons of digital marketing courses and self-learning. 

Advantages of a Digital Marketing Course

  • Learn at Your Own Pace 

With the structured learning component of a digital marketing course, you can learn the lessons at your speed. A digital marketing course takes you step-by-step about its approach and strategies. They start from teaching you the basics to more advanced topics in a span of 6 months to a year. 

Hence, you get a comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing, its theories, and practical application. 

  • Get Guidance from the Best

Professionals with years of experience and digital backgrounds teach you the best possible marketing approach. They are accustomed to this field for a good time. You get to take a piece from their lessons, experiences, and knowledge in the particular subject. You can ask your questions and get feedback from experienced experts. 

  • Get Access to Numerous Resources

When you pay for a digital marketing course, you also pay for various resources and tools. These tools and resources are crucial to learn the inside out of digital marketing. The various tools are:

  • Software
  • Case studies 

Cons of a Digital Marketing Course

  • High Cost of Course

The price you pay for a digital marketing course is the first con. If you’re on a budget, a digital marketing course would be the wrong option for you. 

  • Commitment and Accountability

When you take up a digital marketing course, you must dedicate time to it. Doesn’t matter if you’re a study or a working professional, you need to block time for the course. You might also have to study for several hours per day as per the course curriculum. 

You should only enroll in the best digital marketing courses in Kolkata course if you can give it ample time. 

  • Less to no time Flexibility 

There are a ton of deadlines that a digital marketing course comes with. This deadline and structure are crucial to complete the course easily. However, if you want time to grasp the concepts, you don’t get additional time for it. 

  • You Cannot Customize 

Digital marketing courses target a broad audience with numerous interests. Hence, you might not find your preferred niche in one particular course. 

In conclusion, digital marketing courses come with a ton of pros and cons. However, if you want a learning environment and expert guidance, do consider it once. 

Advantages of Self-learning Digital Marketing

Learning digital marketing seems appealing to a lot of people. Today, you’ll know the advantages of learning it yourself.

  • No Expenses 

Learning digital marketing by yourself will not cost you a dime. You can get millions of free blogs and videos to learn from online. The best platform is YouTube to learn everything from A-Z. These platforms give you a concrete understanding and knowledge about the digital marketing world. 

  • High Flexibility

You have great flexibility while learning digital marketing by yourself. Learning at your speed and time becomes easy with a self-taught course. You can also choose a topic of your choice and complete the course soon. 

  • Customizing

Customizing and choosing a course that best fits your needs is easy. Many resources and tools are available online to enhance your learning skills. For instance, you can learn from videos, you can watch different YouTube channels and webinars. 

  • Great time Flexibility

The biggest advantage of a self-taught digital marketing course is no time boundary. You can dedicate an hour or ten when you’re learning digital marketing yourself. Learn the lessons at a time day or night. You can also learn topics according to your schedule. 

Cons of a Self-learning Digital Marketing

  • No Concrete Structure

You don’t get the structure that a digital marketing course offers. With no path and process of learning, you might lose yourself in the process. It can be challenging to focus on a particular concept. This approach to learning can result in time wastage. 

  • Zero Expert Guidance

When you teach yourself, you don’t have a teacher or an expert to guide you. As a result, you don’t learn the hidden techniques and easy ways of digital marketing. The forums and groups online cannot provide you an accurate advice.

  • No Resources

As you learn it all by yourself, you don’t get access to reliable resources. But, with a paid course, you get the best resources (both online and offline). These resources are also up to date. 

  • No Networking Opportunities 

You miss out on excellent networking opportunities while learning it yourself. Connecting and networking with the best industry experts and fellow students provides you with valuable insights into digital marketing.

Why choose Digital Vidya ?

Digital Vidya has a structured course curriculum to offer its students. You’ll learn everything from social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO to email marketing. 

The best in-house teachers and team strive to provide you with the best online learning experience. It is the best digital marketing course in India for all age groups. 


It doesn’t matter what path you choose to learn digital marketing, you will succeed with both options. However, it depends on your goal, learning objective, and resources in use. 

Ultimately, a digital marketing course is a structured and comprehensive way of learning. And, Digital Vidya is the best online institute to provide you with the ultimate guidance on digital marketing. 

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