How to Draw The White House Easily

How to Draw The White House. Owning a house of any size and look is an excellent achievement, but not many people can claim to live in a well-known house worldwide! It was first occupied by John Adams in 1880 and has been the home of all subsequent presidents ever since.

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Because of this famous heritage and design, many people enjoy learning how to draw the White House.

If you are also fascinated by this famous mansion, this is a perfect tutorial! Our step-by-step manual to pulling the White House in just 6 straightforward actions will help you make a fantastic piece of art to celebrate this unique building!

How to Draw The White House

Step 1

In this first step of our guide to drawing the White House, you’ll start in the middle of the building’s facade.

More precisely, we draw the top of the central structure. This structure is rounded and curved with some small built-in square turrets.

Add another curved section below this, and once it looks like our reference image, you’re ready for the next step of the guide.

Step 2

The second step of this White House drawing may seem complicated, but it’s not as difficult as it seems!

We will extend the middle section down, mainly comprised of a couple of long, thin pillar sections. Carefully draw these thin columns, adding some detail at the top and bottom of each one.

There will also be some detailing between each pillar, so you can draw those before proceeding to step 3 of this guide.

Step 3

Before proceeding to the other building sections, we will complete the central part of this third phase of our focus on drawing the White House.

We’ll add some small curved stairs on either side of the base for this middle section to do this. Next, we’ll draw some small doors with wall lanterns between them. This concludes this central part, and we will add more structures in the next section.

Step 4

The province we are moving to draw in this fourth part of our guide to pulling the White House is another area that looks tough, but it accomplishes what has to be!

This will be the left part of the structure and will have a more rectangular design.

There are also some slender columns incorporated into the design of this section, and there will also be some ornate window designs in between.

This is a step you should take slowly while following our example closely. Then you’re ready for the finishing touches in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

In this fifth step of our White House drawing guide, you’ll complete the final elements and details before adding some color in the final step.

First, you can mirror what you drew in the previous step by drawing the right half of the building.

The details should look similar to the left flank, so do your best to complete it as symmetrically as possible!

Next, we will also draw some bushes at the base of the White House, and you can create these with some irregular lines.

Finally, it wouldn’t represent the White House without a US flag correctly, so feel free to add one to fly proudly over the building.

Add a few more touches before you move on to the final step! An opinion would be to tighten a stylistic patriotic backdrop behind the building.

Step 6

Because of this building’s name, you may be limited with the colors you can colorize.

In this final phase of your White House drawing, we’ll show you that even with a primarily white house, there are still ways to get creative with color!

If you colorize the building, you’ll notice we didn’t leave it completely white. Instead, we opted for some light gray tones for the building to create a slightly more dynamic look.

Next, we used yellow for the windows to make it appear like the lights inside were on. Adding warmer colors to the image also helps.

Then we finished with some bright greens for the base plants and added reds and blues for the US flag waving over the White House.

Your White House Drawing is Finished!

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