Injectable Lipolysis in the Desert: Navigating the Science and Safety of Fat Melting Needles

Say hello to the new you by entering the realm of lipolysis injection where your body gets reshaped through melting down the extra fat. Get these transformative results in the heart of the desert by booking us at Tajmeels Clinic to get  Injectable Lipolysis in the Desert: Navigating the Science and Safety of Fat Melting Needles. These injections are used to improve the expression and confidence in an individual.  For further information read below!

Lipolysis injection: 

These injections are injectable and non-surgical,  used for cosmetic as well as medical reasons to lose fatty pockets. these instructions are made up of substances like deoxycholic acid and phosphatidylcholine that function by breaking down the cells of fat of special areas like the chin, thighs, or abdomen.


The following are the benefits of lipolysis injection: 

  • Reduction in weight
  • Removal of chubby skin 
  • Low chance of getting chronic diseases like heart attack 
  • Enhance confidence
  • Improves the self-esteem in the individual 
  • Keeps them fit

Perfect Candidate: 

The perfect candidate are as follows: 

  • The one who is overweighted 
  • Anyone possessing good mental health
  • A candidate who does not smoke
  • A person having fat in a specific area 
  • People with more skin elasticity 
  • An individual who does not drink alcohol

Pre-care Instructions:

The following are the pre-care instructions for the injection: 

  • Do not take medicines for blood thinning 
  • Do not smoke
  • Avoid drinking alcohol 
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking more water 
  • Always wear loose clothes so your doctor can check your area of fat easily
  • Consult your doctor before getting treatment  

How to get Safety of Fat Melting Needles: 

The safety of lipolysis is dependent on the type of area, and the type of injection suitable for them. some of the safety aspects are as follows: 

    • Quality of the product: to maintain the safety of lipolysis injection one should take quality product whether it is expensive. 
  • Qualification of doctor: to get safety from getting injections for fat melting purposes, one must choose a highly experienced doctor, who has a certificate of the board, and is professional in  injecting these types of injections

How is the Procedure of lipolysis injection done? 

The procedure occurs by injecting the fat melting injection into the area from which you want to remove the fat. By the time, this results in the removal of fat naturally and gives you a more contoured and sculpted body. 

The procedure for using lipolysis injection is as follows: 

    1. Consultation: the initial step for this procedure is to book a consultation with your doctor make sure that your doctor is professional for the treatment, discuss your body goals, and tell him about any other treatment taken by you. 
    2. Recommendation: After the consultation, your doctor will assess your area of fat and then recommend the best type of injection. 
    3. prepration for the treatment: your doctor will prepare you for this non-surgical treatment by cleaning your area of treatment and marking the targeted area 
  • Injection: finally the breaking of fat cells injections containing substances such as deoxycholic acid or phosphatidylcholine are injected into the targeted area to minimize the fat in the body 
  1. No of sessions: the treatment of lipolysis includes multiple sessions from one to two weeks apart from one session. This is done to get the ideal results from the injection.
  2.  Maintenance of result: if you want to maintain the result, then you must make follow-up appointments. 
  3. Recovery time of lipolysis injections: it has minimal downtime required for the recovery, after getting this injection, one should continue their normal physical activities. but make sure to follow all the precautions given by the doctor for example using an ice cold pack and wearing lose fit clothes

Post-care Instructions: 

The following are the post-care instructions: 

  • Use a cold pack to reduce the swelling caused by the syringe 
  • Take painkillers given by the doctor 
  • Maintain a healthy diet after getting an injection
  • Protect yourself from sun 
  • Massage your targeted area 
  • Stop drinking coffee because of caffeine

Types of lipolysis injection: 

    1. Aqualyx: aqualyx is known as the brand that has deoxycholic acid for the reduction of fat by removing the fat using liquefied fat cells from the facial areas such as the chin. 
  • Kybella: keybella is approved by the FDA and is designed to remove submental fat like the chin and is also useful in contouring the jawline of the face. 
  • Phosphatidylcholine: this is known as the most common type of injection for melting fat, it is made up of different substances present in the cell membrane. they can also be combined with deoxycholic acid to give effective results. 
  • Deoxycholic acid injection: this injection is known as a most popular brand for fat melting purposes injections containing the bile acid substance 
  • Lipo dissolve: this term is also used to break down the cells containing fat of different substances according to the need. 

Best Surgeon for lipolysis injection treatment in Dubai: 

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