LED Strip Lighting 10 Pack w/Custom Options



The use of LED strip lighting has become the latest fashion when it comes to design and implementation of accent lighting in homes, businesses, events, and other related areas. All in all, this 10 pack of LED strips is sufficient for various projects with the possibility to select the lengths and luminance levels for each strip individually.


Key Features of the 10 Pack LED Strip Lights


This versatile 10 pack of LED strip lights Wholesale includes several excellent features:This versatile 10 pack of LED strip lights includes several excellent features:


Adjustable Lengths 


Choose from 5 Popular Size Options


– 5 meters which is closely equivalent to 16. 4 feet.

– Being just 10 meters (32. 8 feet) in length, the Correos is easy to manoeuvre and transport.  

– Which implies that, on average the tree is 20 meters (65. 6 feet) high.

– 30 meters is equal to 98. 4 feet. 

– An award winning soccer field must have a length of at least 50 meters (164 feet) for the center line.


You can order strips as long as you need – from 16 feet up to 164 feet, for instance. Whether it is the small and delicate lights to put on the bottom of the kitchen cabinet or the long strings to enlighten the paths outside home, you can get pieces of the properly adjusted size.


Brightness Levels


Low, Medium and High Output Options


The LED strips are available in three brightness levels:The LED strips are available in three brightness levels:


– **Low:It can produce at least 600 lumens per 5-meter strip.

– **Medium:** Per five meter strip is 900 lumens 

– **High:** 2400 lumens for every 5-meter strip.


Because the lights offer the user the chance to select a preferred output you can get dimmed lights for a warm wash of light or the bright light depending on the user’s preference.


Adhesive Backing 


Sticks Securely to Most Clean Surfaces


What is more, all the LED strip come with a 3M adhesive tape at the back to enhance adhesion. This enables to mount them safely under counters, cabinets, ceilings, stairs and much more – no need to worry for the tape anymore! 


LED Chip Technology


Lasts for Decades without Replacement 


These LED strips incorporate the use of 5050 SMD chips; it is the most advanced LED chip technology. They are very long lasting and can provide up to 50000 hours before they start fading. That is 5 to 6 hours of daily usage continuously for over 20 years!


What’s Included in the 10 Pack  


Each set includes everything you need to install a professional-quality LED strip lighting system:Each set includes everything you need to install a professional-quality LED strip lighting system:


10 LED Strips 


You get 10 complete rolls of weatherproof LED tape in any of the length options you choose. Several strips of this material can be joined end to end to provide longer runs where needed.  


2 LED Drivers


Power driver box: The package has 2 power driver boxes that supply constant voltage for the efficient functioning of the lights. Select whether to use your car’s plug-in or hardwire driver connection.


IR Remote 


From the comfort of your seat, operate the lights from on and off, or change its brightness levels, select the mode and even set the desired time for the lights with the infrared remote that comes with the lights.  


Connectors & Cables


Several LED strips can be coupled together by using the connectors that accompany the strips. Wire your headlight with 16 gauge electrical cables from the drivers.


Mounting Hardware


Comes complete with clips, brackets and screws thereby enabling the LEDs to be mounted almost anywhere as desired. The package comes with enough parts to install all 10 strip lights that are provided.


Top Uses for the 10 Pack LED Strips


We have 10 rolls of tape lighting and over 150 feet of total lighting which in our case is a lot of options. Here are some of the most popular ways the 10 pack LED strips are used:Here are some of the most popular ways the 10 pack LED strips are used:


Under Cabinet Lighting

Brightly and Evenly Illuminate Countertops 


Use the LED strip lighting to mount it beneath upper cabinets to offer focused task lighting over kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, workbenches, and a whole lot more.


Accent Lighting

Create Ambiance and Draw Focus


Lighting should be used on behind crown molding, bed headboards, ceilings, and shelves as the accent lighting. Illuminate a scene softly and subtly to establish the atmosphere or light a room up to show details of the building.


Outdoor Lighting 

Illuminate Pathways with Durable Waterproof Lights  


Waterproof LED strips are ideal for lighting up outdoors, the porches steps, eaves and lighting up handrails. Use your area to the night time LED strip lights Wholesale.  


Commercial Lighting

Stores, Restaurants, Galleries and More


Most grocery stores, fast foods, art shops and other stores all use strips of LED tape lights as their primary lighting. It focuses LED strip lights Wholesale on illumination of displays, dining zones, counters, and products appropriately.


Entertainment Systems 

Reduce Eye Strain and Enhance Viewing  


Minimizing eye strain during TV use can be done by mounting LED bias lighting at the back of the TV or at the back of shelves. Is said to offer better contrast and sharpness of the picture regardless of the time of the day.




That is why this 10 pack LED strip light kit offers you the flexibility to set the length and intensity of the light as per your need for that particular area. Adjusting of the included components will enable full installation while the LEDs will be capable of providing adequate lighting for over two decades. This kit can be your choice for the next lighting project, and you will be able to appreciate smart LED strip lights!


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