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December is a very busy month. We start with commercial movers, then I Removals Birmingham comes to visit and finally, the new year is heralded. Moving during the holidays seems like an impossible task. However, with our useful tips, a move in December will go very smoothly and you can move quickly and without stress during the holidays.

Make a clear and complete plan

A move during the holidays requires clear planning. Start preparing early and draw up a to-do list. Not only do you have to bring all your belongings to your new home, you also have to arrange a lot of administrative matters. In addition to planning for the Removals Hall Green, it is a good idea to draw up several lists, such as a plan for Christmas, one for New Year’s Eve, and a to-do list for everyday life. This way you can be sure that you won’t forget any important things and you can still enjoy the holidays.


Always work organized

Be organized. Think carefully when drawing up the plan, especially with regard to administrative tasks. Many institutions are closed during the holidays. Therefore, take out all insurance in time, and do not forget to register your children at their new school.

Good organization is also extremely important when packing. Make sure you have enough boxes and clearly write what is inside each box. This way, the items are immediately put in the right room during the Removals Edgbaston. In addition, make sure you have sufficient wrapping paper and moving blankets so that all valuables are protected against possible damage at all times.

Don’t forget the weather

December is a winter month and it is therefore important that you take the cold into account. Arrange your energy connection time and check the heating system before you start moving. Also, be careful with cardboard boxes. Cardboard absorbs moisture and this can potentially damage the contents of the boxes. Also, take good care of yourself. Rain and snow make for slippery and dangerous roads. So always work carefully to prevent physical injury and damage to your belongings.

Hire a professional moving company

Moving during the end of the year is something that many people prefer to avoid. Moving companies are therefore slightly less busy during the holidays. This means that they can complete the move faster and therefore you have lower costs. A movers and packers company also takes care of the planning and organization. They have the necessary moving materials and will take over many difficult tasks for you. This way you avoid unnecessary moving stress and you can be sure that all your belongings will be moved quickly and safely.

Let yourself be taken care of and join us

During the holidays, your family members and friends are probably very busy. If someone offers help, take advantage of it. If no one has time to help you with the hard work, ask if they can cook for you or do some shopping for you. These tasks don’t take much time and at the end of a long moving day, you will be happy that this is already over. Don’t worry about Christmas dinner either. Everyone knows how busy you are at the moment and you can certainly join family or friends on Christmas Eve!

Keep your kids busy

During standard weekdays your children are at school or in daycare. However, this is not the case during the Christmas holidays. Are your kids old enough to do some chores? Then involve them in the Removals Acocks Green. Give them a small task, they will certainly be very proud that they helped you! Would you rather not have the children around? Then find a babysitter in time. Ask your family if they can watch the children for a while or arrange a fun activity on moving day.

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