NFS Means on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok 2023

Many people are earning a lot of money by working online full-time. Most companies have a strategy to reach audiences through Instagram. These audiences are converted into customers afterward. You have seen a word used “NFS” in a post but you do not know the meaning of that. NFS stands for “Not for sale”. It is not the only NFS meaning on IG. This word has many meanings like “no filter Sunday” and many more. This way a lot of time is saved and curiosity is also generated among the customers. 

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram Text?

NFS has many types of meanings that depend on the pretext of the situation. Here are some explained meanings given below: 

Not for sale

Many of the businessmen used to showcase their products before they launched. So, they are using NFS in the description of the product. It is to show the customers that the product they are showing is not for sale.

No funny stuff

You must have seen most of the people are using NFS in their chat. It can be used when someone asks for a date or a party then you may use it. This word is used to refuse a proposal made by someone.

No filter squad

This word is used by people who are confident about their appearance and in this way, they are showcasing their confidence towards others. It is telling the people that accept you in the same way you are. 

No filter Sunday

Most of the people are posting their photographs without filters on Sunday so they are using the NFS tag. 

No filter story

This tag can be used when someone is posting photographs or videos without filters. It is a straightforward tag to tell people that you are not using any filter.  

No follower’s syndrome

As you know various people are not at all crazy about gaining followers on Instagram. Many of them are using this tag just for fun sake. This is only showcasing that they feel joy while using Instagram without the expectation that someone will follow them.

Not following specified 

This can be used when you are following someone but the person is not following back and you want to share your feelings by using this tag.

Not for sharing

If someone is using this tag, it means that they are just adding some photos and they do not want to talk about this content. It can be related to personal or professional life.

Not for sure 

It can be used when someone asks you some questions and you are not sure about the answer. You can share your opinion by using this tag.

Not feeling social 

You can use this tag when someone does not feel comfortable talking to you at that time.


There are various meanings of NFS on Instagram. It may change with time. you have to understand the meaning of the story and then justify the meaning of NFS according to your judgment. You have to think twice while reaching a conclusion. 

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