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Discover the best iOS app development companies in the US to create your next game-changing app. Get the list of top-rated iOS app developers in the US.

Do you have a unique app idea for your business? Are you looking to develop it specifically for iOS devices? Well! In that case, you will need to hire the best iPhone app development company with a proven track record in the app development field. 

With about 2 million+ downloadable apps built by several top iOS app development companies, finding the right and suitable one for your project becomes more than challenging. It may involve days of research, and you may feel lost sometimes. 

Thus, to make the task easier for you, we have created a well-curated list of top iOS app development companies in the US that are playing a significant role in the US market. 

This blog will go through all the essential info related to those companies, from their location to their domain specialization. So, let’s dive in. 

List of Top iOS App Development Companies in the US

Mtoag Technologies

Having been in the industry since 2010, Mtoag is a global end-to-end mobile app development company with a presence in India, the US, and the UK. the company has so far developed advanced websites, software, and mobile apps utilizing new-age technologies. 

Their 13+ years of experience have allowed them to help over 600 clients by taking their businesses to the next level. Their commitment to delivering high-quality apps has earned them a reputation as one of the top iOS app development companies. 

  • Location: US, UK, India
  • Mobile Platforms: Android, HTML5, iOS, Mobile Web
  • Key Services: Native development, cross-platform app development, enterprise mobility app development, AR/VR/AI/IOT app development, IT consulting & strategy, dedicated team setups. 


The NineHertz is an India-based IT consulting and iOS app development company renowned for delivering premium digital app solutions and products. The company has built prodigious mobile, web, and gaming solutions for the world’s known brands. The company has so far delivered 1000+ successful mobile and web app development projects.

  • Location: India, US, UAE, UK
  • Key Services: Mobile App Development, Blockchain, E-Commerce Development
  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web, HTML5, Block Chain, Metaverse


Simform’s excellence as one of the top iOS app development companies helps businesses to get innovative and user-friendly apps. They have a team of skilled software developers that can develop scalable and reliable mobile app solutions to enhance their capabilities. 

The company has helped several startups, WHO-backed NGOs, and Fortune 500 companies. Since 2010, the company’s team of 1000+ developers has helped businesses enhance their value through stellar app solutions. 

  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Key Services: Application development, testing, deployments, Tech stack consultations, and after-sales support, digital software engineering, cloud-native engineering, talent solutions, technology practices
  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web


The specialization of Utility lies in developing customized mobile app solutions and web software for various startup ventures or Fortune 500 agencies. Their team of astute developers includes UX designers, highly skilled digital product strategists, and top-tier software engineers that can develop top-notch digital app solutions for your business. 

  • Location: NewYork
  • Key Services: Custom UI UX strategy and design, iOS app development Services, product engineering, mobile game development, web platform development
  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web


Naked is one of the top iOS app development companies that use a customer-centric approach to develop, brand, and market your business idea. The company understands the creativity in app development. Their experience and excellence allow them to discover, strategize, design, and develop high-end iOS app development. 

  • Location: Irvine, CA
  • Key Services: Brand Strategy, Product design UI/UX, product strategy, software development, etc.
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web, HTML5


INTUZ is one of the top iOS app development companies and also acts as a Global IT consultant. The company has worked with several leading SMBs and Startups. The company is AWS-certified, Microsoft Partner, and ISO certified. 

The company extends long-term partnerships with clients for mobile, Web development, IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud application development. Their decade-long experience has resulted in them providing successful custom solutions. 

  • Location: US, India
  • Key Services: Mobile Application development, web development, Internet of Things, Emerging Technologies, Cloud Services, Product Marketing, Industry Solutions
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, IoT, BlockChain


Cubix is a leading iOS app development company with a presence in the US, UAE, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. The company has successfully developed several projects on mobile apps, games, and enterprise software development services. 

The company has 12+ years of experience working with several individuals, startups, and multi-million dollar companies. Their team has constantly been mastering and enhancing the industry progression. 

  • Location: US, UAE, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia
  • Key Services: Mobile app, software development, web development, e-commerce development, web designing (UI/UX)
  • Mobile Platforms: Blockchain, iOS, Android, Mobile Web


As one of the top iOS app development companies, Netguru caters to the need to develop an iOS app or website from scratch. You can also hire additional developers for your internal projects. The company has so far delivered high-end mobile app solutions in several critical industries. 

  • Location: Poland, UK, Germany
  • Key Services: Mobile App, Web Development, UX/UI Design
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web


Aspired is one of the top iOS app development companies in the US, helping clients hire and build a remote team of astute developers through careful selection from a global talent pool. 

The company’s expert team relentlessly identifies new and emerging technologies. Moreover, they offer comprehensive app development services to provide all the advantages of a new office without hassle. 

  • Location: US, UAE, Pakistan
  • Key Services: Game Development, Testing Services, Mobile App, Software, Blockchain Technology, DevOps
  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web, Blockchain


Founded in 2007, WillowTree is one of the renowned iOS app development companies that helps the world’s well-known brands. They specialize in developing digital products that solve diverse business needs and enhance the user experience. WillowTree offers services such as UX strategy, product and UX design, product, and user research, Android app development, iOS app development, web development, and tvOS. They operate primarily in the US.

  • Location: US
  • Key Services: UX strategy, product, and UX design, product and user research, Android app development, iOS app development, web development, tvOS
  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Web, Android


Regarding iOS app development, partnering with a top-rated company can make all the difference in delivering a successful app. The list above highlights some of the leading iOS app development companies in the US, showcasing their locations and key services. 

These companies have the expertise and experience to meet your app development needs. Consider your project requirements, budget, and desired outcomes when selecting the right iOS app development company to bring your ideas to life.

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