That’s why you should choose used tires

Every now and then the question arises as to whether buying used tires is worthwhile or if some people are unsettled by negative comments from certain interest groups and supposed experts.

Certainly, not all tire dealers are professionals you can trust with complete trust and not every Part Worn Tyres Wholesale is necessarily recommended. If certain aspects are taken into account, buying used tires is usually the wiser decision.

Cost savings

The main argument for used goods in general is certainly the price. In view of the enormous increase in the price of raw materials in recent years, especially for rubber and crude oil, and the associated price development for new tires, used tires are the cost-effective alternative.

90% profile for approx. 50% of the new price.

This can mean a saving of up to €300 for a set of branded tires of a common size such as 205-55-R16, and even up to €1,000 for cross-section tires in larger dimensions!

Our workshop manager is an experienced vulcanizer and master tire mechanic with many years of professional experience, especially in the used tire segment.

Professional Check

Tires must generally be checked very carefully and professionally. Both wholesale part worn tyres that have been removed for storage require extremely detailed inspection.

In addition to the trained eyes of our specialist staff, we also rely on our special tire testing machines and finally the classic water bath.

Thanks to the triple test consisting of a closer visual inspection, a pressure testing machine and water testing, we can rule out damage and guarantee the highest quality.

Tire age

Contrary to what is stated in some automotive magazines, there is no legal requirement for a minimum age of tires for cars. Blanket statements at the counter such as “Your tires are too old and need to be changed” usually only serve to increase sales for the enterprising dealer, as this always has to be decided individually. Every tire is exposed to different environmental influences or is subjected to different loads.

Even if all criteria are met, it is not advisable to purchase them if the tires  have been used frequently and for so many kilometers  that they can no longer be described as used but rather worn out. Damage and signs of wear do not necessarily have to be visible to you to be present.

Specialist staff

Tires are a safety factor on a vehicle. They should therefore only be installed by trained specialist personnel to avoid errors.

Our workshop manager is an experienced vulcanizer and master tire mechanic with many years of professional experience, especially in the used tire segment.

He was named the best master of his year by the part worn tyres near me birmingham and attaches great importance to the training and further education of his staff. We are a member of the Part Worn Tyres Wholesale and a certified company according to the regulations.

Tread depth

The legal minimum tread depth for summer and winter tires is 1.6mm.

4mm is recommended for winter tires.

Most of our tires have a tread depth of over 90% and are in new condition.

We also offer tires with 60-70% tread for those on a budget, for example for vehicles that are to be sold in the foreseeable future.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so buying used tires should not be a risky business.

We are convinced of the quality of our goods and therefore offer a two-week warranty with a right of return on all of our tires as part of our customer satisfaction guarantee!

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