Udyam Registration Made Easy: Your Step-by-Step Portal Walkthrough

In recent years, the Indian government has taken significant steps to promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by introducing various schemes and initiatives. One such notable initiative is the Udyam Registration, formerly known as the Udyog Aadhaar registration. Udyam Registration Portal is a simple and efficient process that aims to provide various benefits and incentives to SMEs, such as easier access to credit, subsidies, and government support.

Understanding Udyam Registration

What is Udyam Registration?

Udyam Registration is an online portal launched by the Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) to facilitate the registration of micro, small, and medium enterprises. This registration is essential for businesses seeking to avail themselves of the benefits and schemes under the MSMED Act, 2006.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Udyam Registration, businesses must fall under the following criteria:

  1. Micro Enterprise: Investment in plant and machinery or equipment should not exceed INR 1 crore.
  2. Small Enterprise: Investment in plant and machinery or equipment should be more than INR 1 crore but not exceed INR 10 crores.
  3. Medium Enterprise: Investment in plant and machinery or equipment should be more than INR 10 crores but not exceed INR 50 crores.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Udyam Registration

Step 1: Accessing the Udyam Registration Portal

The first step to get started with Udyam Registration Portal is to visit the website of the portal. You can find the portal by performing a quick search on your preferred search engine or by directly typing “Udyam Registration” in the address bar.

Step 2: Providing Aadhaar Details

Once you are on the Udyam Registration portal, you need to provide your 12-digit Aadhaar number. It is crucial to ensure that the provided Aadhaar number is accurate and up-to-date, as it will be linked to all your business transactions in the future.

Step 3: Filling in Personal Details

In this step, you will be required to fill in your personal details, such as name, gender, category, and physically challenged status, if applicable. Make sure to enter the information correctly to avoid any discrepancies during the verification process.

Step 4: Entering Business Information

Here, you will need to furnish essential details related to your business, such as the name of the enterprise, type of organization, location, and date of commencement. Additionally, you will have to mention the major activities your business undertakes.

Step 5: Adding Bank Account Details

To complete the registration process, you must provide your bank account details, including the bank’s name, IFSC code, and account number. This information will be used for various financial transactions and government incentives.

Step 6: Submitting the Registration

After verifying all the information provided, you can submit the registration form. Before doing so, review all the details to ensure accuracy. Once submitted, you will receive an acknowledgment number for future reference.

Step 7: Registration Certificate Generation

The final step involves the generation of your Udyam Registration Certificate. The certificate will be available for download from the portal using your acknowledgment number. This certificate is a crucial document for availing various benefits and schemes.

Benefits of Udyam Registration

Access to Collateral-Free Loans

Upon successful registration, MSMEs can avail themselves of collateral-free loans from various financial institutions. This financial support can significantly boost the growth prospects of SMEs.

Government Subsidies and Incentives

Registered enterprises become eligible to receive subsidies and incentives offered by the government for MSMEs. These incentives can significantly reduce operational costs and improve profitability.

Priority in Government Tenders

Udyam Registration enables SMEs to participate in government tenders with priority. This gives them a competitive edge and opens up new business opportunities.

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Udyam Registration is a game-changer for small and medium enterprises in India. With its simple and efficient online process, SMEs can access a plethora of benefits, subsidies, and support from the government. By taking advantage of Udyam Registration, businesses can enhance their growth potential and contribute to the nation’s economic development.


  1. Is Udyam Registration mandatory for all SMEs?

    Yes, Udyam Registration is mandatory for all micro, small, and medium enterprises that wish to avail themselves of the benefits and incentives provided under the MSMED Act.

  2. Can I update my details after Udyam Registration?

    Yes, you can update your details by visiting the Udyam Registration portal and making necessary changes whenever required.

  3. How long does it take to receive the Udyam Registration Certificate?

    Typically, the registration certificate is generated instantly after submitting the application. You can download it from the portal using the acknowledgment number.

  4. Can I avail of loans from multiple banks with Udyam Registration?

    Yes, with Udyam Registration, you can apply for and avail loans from multiple banks, subject to their approval criteria.

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