Value of Lehsunia Stone In Astrology – Know Benefits!

Lehsuniya gemstone is a unique gemstone that displays an optical phenomenon on its surface. Because of this scientific effect known as “chatoyancy”, this gemstone resembles the eye of a cat. Hence it is also called the Cat’s eye gemstone. The similarity between the stone and the original eye of a cat is undeniable. This makes this stone one of the rarest beauties of nature. The beauty of the stone and the sparkle are so beautiful and eye-catching that people wear this stone all the time.

The background color of the Cat’s eye gemstone is greyish-green or brown shades. And with the slit appearing in the middle which looks like the retina of a cat’s eye gives the same exact form as a cat’s eye.

But the wonders of this gemstone did not end here. This stone is believed to have a huge impact on the person who wears it because it has a connection with the energy of the universe. This stone which is commonly known as Vaidurya is one of the Navratans. In astrology, the Navratnas are the nine gemstones that are the most powerful ones, and wearing one of them means your life is going to change.

Here, in this article, we will discuss one stone which is the Cat’s Eye stone aka Lehsunia stone.

Astrological Significance of the Lehsunia Gemstone

A natural Lehsunia gemstone has the capability of transforming lives. This stone is In Vedic astrology and has its link with the planet Ketu. Ketu is an astrological planet, and a shadow one in astrology. When Ketu is in the wrong position in your Kundli or birth chart, it creates problems, and troubles in your life. It will create panic even in the best of situations.

Hence, it is essential to remove these negative effects to lead a stress-free life. And for that, you need to wear a cat’s eye gemstone. You should wear the stone in the form of a ring, pendant, or bracelet. This is so the stone will constantly give you its positive energies.

The stone’s positive energies will remove all the harmful effects of the Ketu from your life. And will give you a good and better life.

However, Before you wear a Lehsuniya stone, we will advise you to consult with an expert astrologer or Pundit. And check the suitability of the gemstone with your natal chart.

Benefits of Wearing A Lehsuniya Stone

With the energy flow, a cat’s eye gemstone will keep all the negative energies at bay and bring you only positive ones. 

Here are all the benefits of a natural cat’s eye gemstone:

  • The stone will protect the wearer from negative energies like evil spirits, bad omens, and black magic. They will be repelled by the cat’s eye gemstone.
  • With the positive aura of the stone, You’ll experience fewer mental issues including sadness, nightmares, emotional trauma, etc. Additionally, the energies of the stone will relax and uplift you.
  • Your intuition power will strengthen by wearing an original Lehsunia stone, which will help you make better judgments about your surroundings and the people around you.  It will get you on the correct track.
  • Due to the powers of the stone, your mental perplexity or thoughts that could negatively impact you will also diminish. Plus, You will feel more mentally clear and more in-tune with yourself when you use this tone.
  • The stone will give you more self-assurance and support. It will assist you at work so you may seize opportunities as they present themselves.
  • Another benefit of the cat’s eye stone is that it will bring you prosperity and success.
  • The stone will support you in achieving your objectives by enhancing your boldness and self-determination.
  • The vibration of this gemstone will also bring you spiritual enlightenment. You will feel closer to the higher forces and will help you focus more intently on maintaining the tranquility of your thoughts.
  • In addition to having therapeutic effects on the eyes, the wearer’s health, digestion, and energy levels are all improved by wearing the Lehsunia gemstone.


The cat’s eye gemstone has enlightening and therapeutic qualities. Anyone who wears this stone will experience great benefits. This stone is a priceless gem due to its vibrations and connection to the cosmos.

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