What is the most popular thing about Bogota

Bogota is known for its arts, gastronomy and culture. To visit this exciting city, go with Spirit Airlines reservations policy. To explore the city’s most admired places to reach here.

Top admirable places of the city-


The mountain was considered a holy place. In pre-Columbian times when the native Muisca occupied the zone. It is a visitor destination. It is a major tourist attraction. Here is a church within a shrine dedicated to El Señor Caído.

The place has restaurants, a cafeteria, and several tourist facilities. Monserrate can be opened by aerial ropeway. Along with cable railway, or climbing, way of visitors. The climbing route has closed at this place. The places become close due to wildfire and landslides.

Moreover, it has opened again in 2017. Some It is a popular visiting point. You can see the beautiful sunset over the city. Annually, Monserrate and its adjacent Guadalupe welcome many visitors. Search for the cheapest airline to book Spirit Flight to Bogota.

Botero Museum-

This museum, also called Museo Botero. It is constructed in Bogota, Colombia. The museum exhibits one of Latin America’s most important international art collections. It welcomes 500,000 tourists annually. Existence in the La Candelaria region of Bogota. So, the museum is closed to other important landmarks. The landmark includes the Luis Angel Arango Library.

Plaza de Bolívar –

It was the first public memorial in the city. The pre-Columbian era can observe here. The site was part of the Muisca Association. It is the first construction of the square. A primitive cathedral, was built in 1539. It has created just a year after the base of the Colombian capital. To Spanish colonial period to Bolívar Square was the period for circus acts.

Historical buildings enclose the square. The Palace of Justice is situated on the northern edge. The National Capitol margins the square in the south. The Primary Cathedral of Bogotá is adjacent to the Archiepiscopal Palace. The mayor’s seat of Bogotá, is located on the eastern and western sides. Within low-fare airline, you can book Flights Ticket to Bogota.


Museo Nacional de Colombia-

The National Museum of Colombia is the national museum of Colombia It has collections on its history, art, and culture in Bogota. It is the largest and oldest museum in Colombia. The museum is a habit of the Colombian Ministry of culture. It is the oldest museum in the country. Even, one of the oldest in the area.

It has built-in 1823. Its architecture is built in stone and brick. The plant contains arches, domes, and columns. It creates a Greek cross over which 104 prison cells are scattered. It was known as the Panopticon and operated as a prison until 1946. The building was adapted for a national museum in 1948. It has rebuilt in 1975. The museum keeps a collection of over 20,000 pieces. It adds works of art, and presents different national history periods.

Permanent displays are existing archeology and ethnography. Search cheap Spirit Airlines Free Spirit Frequent Flyer Program.

Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar-

The Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park known as the Simón Bolívar Park. These are greenspace and entertainment place. The sports complex situated in the middle of the city of Bogotá, Colombia. The park’s name is given after the Latin American Liberator Simón Bolívar. The park is situated in Teusaquillo.

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It is maintained by the District Institute of Recreation and Sport. The park is one of the popular city parks in Bogotá. You can explore the lake where tourists can enjoy paddle boats. It is a large space for concerts and events. It is capable of holding 140.000 people.


Besides it, many places are here to explore within the city. Look for Spirit Airlines Reservations to Bogota and enjoy the city’s beautiful places.

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