The 5 Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires

There is enough to do in Buenos Aires to keep you busy for weeks! This city is enormous. From culture (museums, concerts, theater, the best dining experiences to outdoor markets to politics, everything happens here. Buenos Aires is Argentina’s main transportation center.

It can be difficult to arrange a trip to such a vast metropolis. Where do you begin, and what must not be overlooked? Don’t be concerned. I have your back. This post is a comprehensive, guide to the top things to do in Buenos Aires. I guarantee you’ll see everything with these tours, neighborhoods, and recommendations!

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Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires:


  1. The Passion Of Tango

Seeing tango is one of the definite must-do activities in Buenos Aires! If you want to dance (or learn), go to a milonga in the early morning. I recommend seeing a proper tango show to immerse yourself in the dance and feel the intensity. There are many options available, with something to suit every budget.

Read on to compare my top ten tango shows in Buenos Aires. TLDR: Don’t want to read the whole thing and want to reserve the most popular show? This is my favorite, so book it! Every week, locals gather to dance. It’s a genuine (and free) experience not to be missed.

  1. The Steak

Welcome to paradise, if you’re a carnivorous. Argentina knows how to cook beef. While in town, visit one of the city’s many steakhouses. Read my Buenos Aires steak guide to find out about my favorite places and how to order from the menu. You could spend a week or two attempting to sample all of the greatest restaurants in Buenos Aires.

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If you don’t have that much time, get a room at Fogon Asado. The open kitchen concept allows you to interact with the chefs as they prepare your meal step by step. I enjoyed my dinner here. The meal was delicious, and the event was a lot of fun. You can reserve your Fogon Asado here.

  1. Wine Tasting

Argentina’s national drinks are yerba mate and, of course, wine. In recent years, the city has seen an upsurge in the variety of wine bars that have opened. My favorite restaurants in Palermo are Pain et Vin, Vico, and Hache. You’ll be able to test some fantastic wines with the help of the server at any of these establishments. Book this Argentine wine tour if you want to learn about the history of wine in Argentina.  Check here Copa Airlines Name Correction Policy.

  1. Tigre’s River Delta

Another fantastic day trip from Buenos Aires is to Tigre’s Paraná River Delta. You can get there on your own by taking the train from Retiro to Tigre. Once there, take one of the lanchas (or water taxis) to the most popular island, Tres Bocas. After meandering around the pathways and viewing the stilted homes, there are a handful of places to stop for lunch.

  1. San Telmo Market

The Sunday market in San Telmo is one of the most iconic things to do in Buenos Aires. San Telmo is my favorite neighborhood for touring in Buenos Aires, and it comes alive on Sundays. Starting in Plaza de Mayo, the market runs the length of Defense Street.

From here, make your way down Defense toward the market. Antiques, jewelry, handicrafts, street performers, and, most of all, street cuisine are available. Because of the large crowds, the pace will be slow, so take your time and examine the booths as you go. Plaza Dorrego is the market’s high point. This is where you’ll find the antiques. Keep in mind that these stands close their doors at 5 p.m., earlier than those on the street.

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